Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Story of the Grape

So yesterday I found that she still had that "baby" grape. Not only did she still have it in all its shriveled up glory, but she was using a small baby bottle to "feed" it. She was giving loving care and milk to a grape. I decided to let it go and see where this would lead.

Then last night, it happened. The baby was not where she thought she left it. She was upset, especially since it was such a baby and needed her. I told her that probably it got lost or maybe one of the cats ate it (I really don't know what happened to it). I figured this would be the time to put a stop to this and even though she was upset, she was not inconsolable, and she was starting to understand that it was just gone.

And then daddy came in with a new grape. And said that he found the baby grape and it had grown! And oh, was she so happy and wide-eyed! And proud that she had made it grow. (Sometimes we are not always on the same page on the parenting--I think Chewy is a little more protective of his daughter)

And then after she was so happy with it...she chose to eat it. Yep.



Anonymous said...

HA! After all that she ate it? Typical!

Tati said...

hahahahahahaha! Awesoome.