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Further Vacation Notes (with Pictures!)

Martha's Vineyard went extremely well, although the ferry ride was bumpy ride on the way back.

Willow rode the carousel twice and really enjoyed it. I got the rings, but when Tom and I teamed up--we got 16!! But no brass rings...(darn!)

We had a great lunch--lobsters for the adults and mac n cheese. Later we had a snack of wonderful nachos--and the kids got plastic sharks!

We also got some more beach time in and the kids where great.

It is very fun to have Tom along...he gets along well with the kids and I can just see that we are all going to miss him when he goes back to Michigan, especially Willow and Michael.

Today we played a couple Mini-Golf games, one at one of our favorite places, a pirate themed place. The other one is at the Red Barn, where we had such a great pizza for lunch--we are not hungry for dinner..

Tomorrow, our last full day on the Cape, we are going to Provincetown for the day. Looking forward to a wonderful ending to a wonderful time.

Here are some of the many pic…

Enjoying the time...

Just popping on the computer to jot down some things we have done so far on vacation here on Cape Cod....

First night went to our favorite fried seafood restaurant...they changed to a more sit down place, which was fine, but it took an HOUR to get food...but, our children were wonderful and both received compliments for their wonderful behavior.

Yesterday we went to the beach for most of the day, Willow took a bit of time to get into the ocean, but she then could not be dragged out of it. Michael went right in and he and Tom went out pretty far out. Then Willow & Michael befriended a little girl who was into burying people in the sand (one of the things Michael LOVES doing), my kids got buried several times. At one point, Willow took her beach chair and MOVED it over to this other families area...(love ya too, ya too)

Today, we went on a pirate adventure, where we went on a boat and the kids were indoctrinated as pirates...they "attacked" another pirat…

Bye Bye Elementary School

Michael's school had a fifth grade celebration to commemorate the kids leaving elementary school (next year is Middle School).

These silhouettes were along the walls...

They gave out awards, handed out "yearbooks" and danced.

Here is Willow before the ceremonies:

Michael getting one of his awards...

Perfect Moments Monday

Moment #1: We are at a BBQ and the kids have played outside lacklustery (as they are the only kids, my son wants to play the ancient Atari our friend has, and she is "scared" of the sprinkler) but outside we have come and we have played with a wiffle ball, ran around, played with Sam the cat, and my son has poked at a dead chipmunk. Yep, now my son, husband and the friend go back inside--obviously to play videogames. I go to the car to put the wiffle ball and bat back. And my daughter discovers she wants to play a new game. A game of "driving the car". So, we sit in our car, windows open. She sits in the drivers seat with her sunglasses on, moving the steering wheel, pushing buttons that are not working. I turn on the radio and we watch the cat climb unto our hood. And we hang out in the car, like we are in a movie studio where you pretend you are driving while the backgrounds are moving behind you. And while I sit there, I am perfectly and utterly happy.

Troubles with Names....

Waking dad up for Father's day. One of dad's presents was a collage picture, where we worked on getting Willow to pronounce the one name she has not said yet---"Michael". And later, working on "Happy Father's Day".

Thanks to dad for letting us put this video up. The kids were wonderful today and gave him a great day!

Father's Day

As I sit on the computer, Michael is up watching television, Willow has not gotten up yet. We are going to make you waffles, then per your request, we are going to a friend's BBQ. Then, to cap the day, we are all going to the new To.y St.or.y movie...

But the plans and gifts do not matter. What matters most about today--is that we can show you how much we appreciate you and all you do as a father.

You are kind and generous of your time, you read books and tell stories in funny ways. You share your love of video games and knowledge with our son; you cuddle and tickle and amuse our daughter. You handle dirty diapers, early morning wake-up calls and endless share in the duties of parenting in every way. Often times you have more patience than I have; and NO ONE can put the kids to bed as well as you can. Your love for them is written all over your face and you would do anything for them.

I could not ask for a better father for my children. Thank you.

On the Run...

Spring is entering into Summer; school is still in session for another week...but the feeling is definitely there--time for fun times and adventures a'plenty!

Next week is: 5th Grade Celebration and Good-Bye; Weird Al Concert (yay!); and next Friday--off to Cape Cod for a week!

So, what have we been doing so far?

Shown ourselves to the sun...

Wearing new clothes for summer, and wishing school was over already...

Reading OVER and OVER the Bear book....

Going to Chuck the Cheese It for Rainy Day fun! (action shot!)

Enjoying the outdoors! (action shot from long ways aways!)

Perfect Moments Monday - Rainy Weekend Edition

This was not the spring/summer weekend I generally enjoy--rainy, cloudy, cool. But many moments that made this weekend perfect:

Moment #1: Lazy Saturday early evening, he has been wanting to go outside, but it is still rainy/drizzly. We decide to watch something. And we present him with a favorite of my husband and I -- "Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat". I DVR'd it with the hope that we could introduce him to this musical. At first, he squirms in his seat. Then, you can see him enjoying it. Of course, Act 1 finishes just as the sun comes out...and he asks to go out to play--but asks if we can watch the rest later...which we do. Later, I hear him humming the tunes in the bathtub.

Moment #2: Its just me and her on a Sunday morning (son and husband are with the karate class at a showing of the new Karate movie). We go out for an errand--the pet store for cat litter and food. She immediately finds the aquariums of fish and watches them with fascin…

Bears, Babies, Monkeys and Turtles, Oh My!

Having a toddler in the house again is often times very dizzying and hectic. But most of the time it is a wonder. To see the world opening up to her and to see how she puts things together in her mind.

Our house is chaos, and while she has added immensely to this chaos, she has also brought stability and mental reflection. Nostalgically, I find myself reflecting on my son's toddler hood and comparing them--this new little person before this maturing young man before me.

Sometimes the reflections are echos from the past.

Recently we moved a lot of Michael's old books into Willow's room. Of all the books, she has discovered one of Michael's treasured books--one so treasured, I actually had put back into his room, a book in his "keep" pile. She found it sticking out of his bookshelf. And she LOVES it just as much as he did at her age. Every night, he needed the "Bear Book" read to him. Sometimes more than once. Now, in an echo from the past, she has star…


Per JJ's blog, I am posting my B.N. (Before Net.fli.x) Memories of some of my favorite movies that I would rent from the video store.

During college, my future husband and I loved the quaint little "mom & pop" video stores that sprang up around our college town. And being in college---well, we were a bit, my first pick is one that was not necessarily a favorite, but very memorable...

Begotten : Ummm..well, this is a movie from E. Elias Merhige who did Shadow of the Vampire (which is a very good movie). This movie is CREEPY and it helped to be a bit drunk seeing's information on it HERE and HERE.

During my last year of school, I took an independant study course on film and thematics. I did a paper on science fiction movies and society (how they were influenced and how they influenced society).

So, we rented a few classics, like:

The Day the Earth Stood Still


The Invasion of the Body Snatchers, both the old one and the newer version.


Perfect Moment Monday

Moment #1: He had to do an assignment to write a poem. I found this on our computer:

I Am From

I am from a loving, caring – mother.
I am from a smart, fun – dad.

I am from a family of one cute baby sister named Willow, one fat cat named Gabby, and one quiet turtle named Congo.

I am from watching my dad play video games.
I am from not wanting to take a nap at preschool.
I am from loving to play on the computer and Xbox.

I am from being one of the smartest kids in my classes.
I am from getting great grades in school.
I am from having incredibly nice teachers.

I am from going into space.
I am from cloning dinosaurs.
I am from becoming a doctor of both science and medicine.
I am from an adventurous and curious life.

Moment #2: She is playing with me, throwing herself on top of me and "tickling" me. At one point we get quiet, as she lays on top of my head. I can hear her heartbeat. We are still and quiet and I hear her heart beating and I recall hearing it for the first time at the OB office. S…


(Turn and face the strain)
Don't tell them to grow up and out of it
(Turn and face the strain)
Ch-ch-Changes" -- David Bowie

This holiday weekend, we spent some time re-arranging the kids' rooms a bit. Well, mainly Michael's room. His room has gotten disorganized in the last couple years. So, we got a bookcase and a student desk from Craigs.lis.t. Looking around at his room, I can see the transitions that he is going through...from young child to pre-teen, to soon teenager.

On his desk, he has a refurbished laptop--our first foray into letting him have privacy and (limited)unrestricted use of the internet, etc. We had the talk about being responsible and that if he respected our rules, we would let him keep the laptop out on the desk.

It's interesting to watch him slowly move towards the teen years and onto adulthood.

Of course, there still is a bit of that young child still in his room...

And above his desk...

And w…

The Plan 2010: May Update

Star Date: 312580.93429731095

For convenience, here are the goals I listed at the start of the Plan, with my updates:

Physical Health

1. Lose and keep off the baby weight

Have lost 15 lbs so far; some set backs, but it seems I am the turtle* and the weight is staying off...

2. Take vitamins Big ole' CHECK

3. Become more active Big ole' CHECK

4. Maintain my morning exercise routine; expand it to working out of WiiFit at night for at least 15 mins.

I have expanded my morning routine to 40 mins., maintained for 3 weeks so far; I have done WiiFit or Cardio Work out on average 3 nights a week for approx. 15 mins. each time.

5. Brush and floss my teeth more often

Got the brushing down, working on the feels weird after I do it...

Mental Well Being

1. Re-start our Family Meetings – try to make them bi-weekly

Did one Family Meeting; have not gotten them to be bi-weekly, but I do know that we are talking more as a family about family goals. And the goals we ha…