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Nine Year Old

Chewy often wakes up early in the morning to do some work before the day officially that soft early morning hour of 4-6 a.m....sometimes she creeps into his side of the bed...this morning, extra cuddles were had as I marveled at my wonderful Nine.  

She is an old soul, last night lamenting that she only had a few hours before she was eight years old no more.  She is funny and silly and my little energizer bunny.  She is thoughtful and caring and creative.  She is my reader, my squishy bug.  She is my daughter who loves to tell it like it is.  She asks the strangest questions.  She is scared of bugs, but loves plants and playing outdoors.  She loves getting muddy and dirty and likes pretty clothes.  And shoes.  Lots of shoes. She likes comics and some Super Heroes, but is not a total geek like her parents.  She sometimes declares she is a vegetarian, but eats chicken nuggets.  She loves singing and piano, but hates to practice.  She is my Willow.  
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Full Tilt - Update

Sometimes my life feels like I am a part of this string of run on sentences....kinda like this
Lots of things going on...which I may write about eventually... ------------------------ Random things Willow asks when I am dropping her off at school (2-3 mins tops in line of cars): What is a collar bone?  Why is it called a collar bone?Why do Christians believe in Jesus but Jews do not?  Wasn't Jesus Jewish?How do babies get food in their mom's tummy?So, if we are friends with a country, their friends are our friends?Why do we not get along with Russia? Soon to me a series!
No time to write, but time for ice cream!

A boy and his cat (s)