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Birth Story

I am pleased to say that Willow's birth story is not as exciting as Michael's birth story. After all the drama and worries of his birth, it was nice to have a scheduled C-Section that went very smoothly. We went into the hospital at 7 a.m. on April 24th. The nurse attending me was very nice and gentle with the IV (one of the things I always dread). We waited in the recovery room for our scheduled time. We even heard the first baby born that day via scheduled C-Section (out in the hallway, being wheeled out with his mommy). Once I was wheeled into the OR, the only complication was finding a good place for the spinal. For what seemed like FOREVER, I was hunched over, holding onto the nurse, while they kept jabbing me with the spinal needle. FINALLY, they found a good spot, and AWAY we went! The operation was pretty quick, I felt some tugging, but not much else. I saw Willow almost immediately, my husband held her and said how beautiful she was. I was holding her in re…


I don't even want to think about what I would do if this had been my son's teacher.

Teacher Votes Out Child

If you want to do something about it.

Book Tour: Water for Elephants

The book for this tour was "Water for Elephants" by Sara Gruen. It followed a character as he worked in a circus during the 1930s. It was very interesting and a good read, especially for the many details of the inner workings of a train circus. Only towards the end did I find it a bit rushed, as I wondered about the fate of one of the characters (Walter/Kinko) and why the main character (Jacob) did not try to find out more fully what happened to him. Other than that flaw, I would recommend this book for a nice summer beach read.

Below are the questions for this tour:

Originally forced to share quarters,Kinko (Walter) seems to have an intense dislike for Jacob. One day, Jacob helps Kinko's dog Queenie and Kinko becomes his friend because of this small act of kindness. Has someone performed a simple act of kindness that changed your feelings toward them? How did this small act affect you? Can just a small and simple thing have a profound effect?

I believe many times t…

Things I Can't Get Pictures of...

Yesterday morning, at 5:30 a.m., Michael coming into the bed while I am finishing feeding Willow. We all get into bed, husband, then Michael, then me holding Willow. Michael reaches his arm over and hugs both Willow and me.

The interesting "O" that Willow makes with her mouth while she is making a BM.

The many Spike Jones stylings of my husband, the Baby Charmer, who calms Willow singing "Pass The Bisquits Mirandy"

The many yawning poses of Willow.

Michael's wonderful look when he sees his sister when I pick him up from after school.

One Month

Willow is one month old today (thanks to Zoloft, she has baby acne):

And, thanks to Zoloft, here is something I can do now--sleep during the day!

Willow is doing well, being more wakeful and starting to use those neck muscles.

Some type of Routine

Getting into a routine of sorts and it certainly helps with the depression. The med has kicked in too, so all in all, things are going well. Michael is back at school, and his routine is almost back to the way it was before--weirdly, he was the one I was worried about being affected by the new addition, and he is the least affected. He gets to play a bit more video games lately, but otherwise, I am starting to get the hang of juggling a newborn and meeting the needs of an ADHD 9 year old.

Willow is doing very well. Right now she has some baby acne, and she still LOVES scratching her face, no matter how many times I trim her nails. Basically breast feeding on demand, which is wearing me down as sometimes that means every HOUR--esp. in the early evening, but seems to keep her happy and healthy. During the day she is still mostly sleeping, although she is having more and more wakeful times (when she is not demanding to be fed). She is totally into faces (esp. her mom, dad and bro…

Safety Net

Today is my first day without someone home with me. I have two appointments, one with the Pedi and one with my therapist, so getting out of the house is not a problem today. Today the hard part will be coming home and then picking up my son and dealing with the two of them. Routine is slowly, ever so slowly, coming, but my anxiety levels are still high sometimes and every so often that pit in my stomach rears its ugly head. But, I think the med is starting to kick in, and I am coping. My therapist wanted me to come up with a schedule this week, including people I was going to visit, errands I would do, etc. Keeping a routine and getting out of the house and not being alone are the goals. The good news is that unlike nine years ago, I do feel like I have support if I need it. I am going solo, but I have my safety net at the ready.

I'll update with news from the Pedi--if constant breastfeeding is any indication, I would say she is having a growth spurt and I fully expect her …


Got to do my first real driving today since the C-Section. In doing so, I found a sense of normalcy and freedom that I had not had in the last couple of weeks. Aside from the reason for driving (to go see a therapist concerning PPD), it was nice to open the window and feel the wind and think of nothing but driving.

Coping well (although haven't been alone yet)and therapy seemed productive, esp. since she specializes in Post Partum Depression and hormonal problems with women. Med hasn't kicked in as of yet (that I know). Meeting with therapist twice a week for now...

Willow is doing well, learning to use her hands and suck her fingers. Michael likes to hug her and touch her little nose.

Desparately Seeking Zoloft

Saw the OB today. Impressed with their quickness and responsiveness. I have a prescription of Zoloft, have had my husband told not to have me be alone (making him freak out--not really my intention), and I am getting an appointment with a therapist.

Right now I have an intense headache, but don't want to take anything else with the zoloft. It will take about 2 weeks for that to kick in.

As for me being alone, husband going to try to take some time off, but its a touchy time at his work. I think it might be time to cash in those favors from some friends of ours...I frankly hope that the zoloft kicks in sooner rather than later.

Hmmm...I still hate hormones...

Ahh..the hormones kicking in...

Got my first taste of the "baby blues" today. Feeling overwhelmed and freaked most of the day--luckily MIL was here to take the brunt of baby today, as I went out with husband and son to "Iron Man" movie. It's been rainy here since I got home from the hospital, and I am sure that hasn't helped my mood, but it definately was the same feelings I had last time when I had postpartum depression. I have been fearing this for some time since the pregnancy hit third trimester and I could see we were actually going to have her. The first six weeks of Michael's life, I was a total mess emotionally and since postpartum depression was not even talked about during my preparations for my first child, I was totally sideswiped when it hit me and did not seek any help. This time I am a little more prepared for it, but I was actually hoping that maybe, just maybe, I wouldn't be hit with it. Because of my depression, I can't seem to sleep during the day, but…