Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Movie stuff

Saw a great movie two nights ago and then a good movie last night, both interesting looks into psychology and our world.

Unfortunately, while I am at work and using a mac, I can't fully access my html stuff, but here is a link for information on "Pans Labyrinth" which I thoroughly enjoyed.


It was disturbing, but not in the sense that one would think, not in the sense of the creatures and fairy tale-ness of it (although pretty ghastly images there), but in the way humans can be towards one another.

Then, last night I saw "Idiocracy", which is a movie most people have not heard of. The movie studio practically put the project back on the shelf, something about not being "patriotic" or some such crap. Below is a link about this movie:


(Yes, I like rottentomatoes...also like ruinedendings)

Idiocracy also was about the way humans can be towards one another and was a very disturbing satire of modern life.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ah yes, Something we knew could be made...

Never Normal...

Things are never totally stable in my house...boring is definitely not our thing (well, it CAN be our thing...just not that often). ------...