Monday, May 27, 2013


We had a mini-vacation to Connecticut this weekend.  Went to a couple museums that had dinosaur fossils and tracks.  The last time we went to these museums, Michael was Willow's age.  (How can that be almost ten years ago?!)

There are times when as a whole family you enjoy a vacation together and everything goes right.  And this was one of those times.  The hotel was nice, the trip was pleasant, every one had a great time.  We had time for all the things we wanted to do and more...and we capped the weekend off with a BBQ at a friend's house.

Getting ready to go to CT!


Giant Turtles!

Striking a pose!

Part of the mural.

Part of our hotel room--very roomie!

Willow relaxing.

The kids ready for bed the first night.

The next day - track casting!

Michael wrote our last name and the year before it dried.

Looking at dinosaur tracks!

Look!  Scary dinosaurs!

See, right behind me!

The finished track cast!  

Saturday, May 25, 2013


Earlier today we were talking. And she told me about her friend Kayla. About how she lost her tooth in class a few days ago. And how it hurt. And how Kayla's favorite color is red. This discussion included side discussions on baby teeth and when will her teeth come out and how come they come out and will it hurt, etc. And then. She said "Do you know what I did?" Well, after Kayla left for the day, Willow colored a scrap piece of paper all red. I distinctly remember picking her up and she said that this coloring was for Kayla. I remember, but I disregarded its significance. She said "Do you know what I did?" The next morning, she picked a flower and brought the flower wrapped up in the piece of paper to Kayla. To make her feel better. Because of her tooth.

We are trying to get her to go to bed in the hotel. Thought that would be easy, since she is sharing a bed with Michael tonight. Nope. She said she is scared she will have nightmares. So, I asked her to come up with three things she liked doing today. She said: "Being all together and having lunch together. And being all together in the hotel room and watching a movie. And going to the museum with the dinosaurs."

Daddy sat in the dark with her to try to get her to sleep. It was quiet. Then she got up. To "stretch". Then she came in and told me: "Mom, you always wake me up with "Good morning, Good Morning, you slept the whole night through, Good Morning, Good Morning to you bedop-ade dooop!" I like that." 

Yeah. She is still up. But damn is she cute. Photobucket

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ceilings and Yards and Cars and Rashes and Outbursts, Oh My!

The past couple of weeks have had a little extra chaos thrown into the mix.

We had trimmed a whole bunch of limbs and shrubs towards the end of last year. And there were some limbs that were down because of the harsh winter. So, we decided to have a lawn service come by and do a spring clean up. The young kid (I say kid, he was probably 25 or so--when did I get so old that that is a "kid"?) who came by did a great job--and also found poison ivy. So, and extra hundred dollars for him to spray for that (and ticks)...figured it was worth it since the kids play out there constantly. (Now if we could get grass to grow under the giant tree....)

And there was a contractor out to rip up the ceiling in the downstairs bathroom...cuz the toilet upstairs is leaking...that is for the plumber to deal with next week (he was already out last week, figuring that the problem was the shower....we hoped so too...). So, no use of the upstairs toilet--I know, cuz this morning I forgot and flushed it....and water came down. Yep, fun! Luckily, I think all the water damage is minor--no mold or anything (we hope)...just needing to dry out.

And the new car--I got into an accident this weekend. A fender scratcher (not even worth to call a fender bender). Just enough to have to call the insurance and have to take it to be repaired. Minor bumper damage that will probably cost a couple hundred to "bump" back in.

Two calls from school yesterday while I was at, the Boy decided he wanted to take the bait from some bullies and he had an outburst that was inappropriate, which made him have to spend the rest of the day in the office. And then pre-k called saying the Girl had some type of rash on her face but no temp....oh, and I was busy at work and juggling that and, oh yeah, summer camp tution! [sigh]


So, to Recap:

--we are down to one toilet until mid-week next week
--we have no ceiling in the downstairs bathroom
--our yard is Clean! and Itch free!
--Michael has to get through 8th more month!
--Willow was fine (?) and maybe she is allergic to Whisk laundry soap?
--major busy at work, needing a break
--Michael is all set for some fun summer camps
--Chewy's new job is going well (yes, new new job--been there for 2 weeks)
--I can't wait for the weekend cuz we are going away in search of Dinosaurs!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Its a Girl

The notice says:

Girls must wear the following attire for the Recital: "pink leotard, pink tights, tutu, crown, tap and ballet shoes"

Eight years ago, I thought I would never, ever be reading such words. still amazes me.  The journey to get my daughter.


Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Campfires and Strawberries

This past weekend I went camping with Ana.  It was fun and very outdoorsy...also a bit different than originally planned.  Originally, we were going to go to Cape Cod and camp alone...but it was going to be too cold.

So, we camped with a group of people in NH, we did some clean up work so that we got the campsite for free...and we slept in her new (antique) Bohler camper.

It was colder than I am used to for camping...but we had a small heater, a camper and camp fire!

I had a pleasant time and enjoyed the coming of SPRING.

Ana making breakfast on Saturday morning.  It was COOOLD!  Luckily, some scrambled eggs and hot tea helped warm us up.  

A tree sprouting up around the fire pit.

We did not kayak, but it was fun to watch some people go down the river.

Saturday night campfire singing...Hi Ana!

View from the campfire.

From our campsite.

Campfire in the evening...

Campfire in the morning!  Hi Rykka (Ana's dog)!


On Sunday, Willow went over to another friend's house and helped him plant strawberry plants in his garden...she was too cute!!  She even brought home a strawberry plant for us.

It is so nice to enjoy the outdoors finally!  Happy Spring!