Saturday, May 25, 2013


Earlier today we were talking. And she told me about her friend Kayla. About how she lost her tooth in class a few days ago. And how it hurt. And how Kayla's favorite color is red. This discussion included side discussions on baby teeth and when will her teeth come out and how come they come out and will it hurt, etc. And then. She said "Do you know what I did?" Well, after Kayla left for the day, Willow colored a scrap piece of paper all red. I distinctly remember picking her up and she said that this coloring was for Kayla. I remember, but I disregarded its significance. She said "Do you know what I did?" The next morning, she picked a flower and brought the flower wrapped up in the piece of paper to Kayla. To make her feel better. Because of her tooth.

We are trying to get her to go to bed in the hotel. Thought that would be easy, since she is sharing a bed with Michael tonight. Nope. She said she is scared she will have nightmares. So, I asked her to come up with three things she liked doing today. She said: "Being all together and having lunch together. And being all together in the hotel room and watching a movie. And going to the museum with the dinosaurs."

Daddy sat in the dark with her to try to get her to sleep. It was quiet. Then she got up. To "stretch". Then she came in and told me: "Mom, you always wake me up with "Good morning, Good Morning, you slept the whole night through, Good Morning, Good Morning to you bedop-ade dooop!" I like that." 

Yeah. She is still up. But damn is she cute. Photobucket

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Life Happens said...

What a sweetie. She is such so thoughtful. :)

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