Monday, November 10, 2014

First Microblog - My failure to really write anything

Not sure what #MicroblogMondays is? Read the inaugural post which explains the idea and how you can participate too.

Sometimes it has been hard to find time to write here...sometimes I haven't been able to write what I wanted to write here...but I want to continue writing here. So...thought I would try to participate in Microblog Mondays for a bit!

Okay, I sat down in a quiet moment.  I was going to write about the stomach flu plague or Halloween or how time is going so quickly and its almost Thanksgiving. I was going to write and I even started a theme.  Then it became bullet points.

Then my son asked what I was doing.  And then my daughter wanted to know if she could have Ginger Ale even though it is close to her bedtime.  And one of the cats just walked across the keyboard.

So...I write nothing and everything.  My life is chaos sometimes.  But that is life.  And now I am going to live it.

Saturday, November 01, 2014

At the late-night... double feature... picture show

It is after 1 a.m. on Halloween...oh, wait, it is now November 1st....

We had a good Halloween.  It was a bit...different...or the same...or...well...

Last year it started.  We have two children who are at different ages and stages in their lives.   And before last year, Halloween still meant going out together as a family, Trick or Treating.  In the neighborhood.  (Or sometimes in someone else's neighborhood).

But...last year started it.  Last year, my fourteen year old stayed home with his father and watched Horror Movies...while the girl and I went to a friends house and Trick or Treated with a group of friends.

And it was good...but separate.  But at least at the end we got back together and did our traditional look around some neighborhoods and their decorations.

This year.  Well, the separate has been more separate.  It was good...aside from costume malfunctions (wigs just aren't that easy to maintain if you are running all over the place!) and a bag explosion.  But, right now...Willow is asleep. And Michael and Brad went off to a midnight movie.  Its good.  It is nice that he is getting this experience.  But...separate and I kinda miss my husband and son.  I would rather be eating popcorn and watching a scary movie (I am a scaredy-cat--not doing it by myself!)

So, I am up a lot later (or earlier...I guess) than I normally would be...and I have not spent Halloween like I would normally.  I guess a new stage/era has begun.  No longer can I son is growing up...and our family dynamic is growing and changing with that.  I know Michael feels this too--he still went out Trick or Treating for a bit tonight...those last grasps at childhood.

Meanwhile...we got one who is making those childhood memories.

Getting ready to go out:

After the Tricks and Treats:

The Haul!


Home again!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

School Pictures

Putting the picture in the frame is like a time warp.  My little boy transforms into the handsome, troubled teenager...

and yet, he is still forming into the young man he will become.  Hopefully, time will help in its way.

Meanwhile, the toddler-no-more is growing into the first grader:

Although, if only the school portraits could have waited a few more weeks...she would have had the more accurate 6 1/2 year old portrait:


Sunday, October 12, 2014


Things are still up in the air.  Cannot really write about details, but just waiting for tests and results, and hoping for the best for all.

Stress makes me eat bad food and watch television (and more of it!), but stress also makes me want my friends and family closer...and that has meant that I have been contact with more friends and family than normal lately...and that has felt good.  I often feel isolated and alone...its me and my own against the world.  Most times, I am kinda alright with that.  Other times, I wish I had more support.  It was nice to see that there are people out there who will help me when I need that (as I would be and have been for them).

Meanwhile, even during times of stress and strain, we find time to live life and to see what is around us.  Maybe it is our need to see outside our problems.  Maybe it is because we do not want to always bring our family down. Our maybe, just like in times of just does keep going despite the circumstances!

So, October is in full swing, both kids have decided on their costumes:

We went to a county fair:

And we are working on Reading on our own:

She read this all by herself the other night!


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Battle Armor

The last few weeks in our household have been tumultuous.  I find that our family "new normal" was short-lived.  Weariness and exhaustion, fear and hopelessness set in....

We have multiple battles beginning.  Chewy was laid off.  Without warning, without provocation.  But the larger battle was looming...and last week we found ourselves worrying about our son and his health and safety.  Last week we were in shock.  We asked for and received support in ways we had not known from places we did not expect.  I am so thankful for my friends.

Now, we gather to put our armor on.  The battles will be won. Have to be.  Now we gather our resources and we fight for what we need as a family.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Lion King The Musical, Part II

When Michael was in kindergarten, we took him to the Lion King musical.  Being a bit extravagant, I spoiled my only having us go in a Limo (!)

Being silly in the Limo.

It was a wonderful experience and he had a great time...told all his classmates about it the next day, etc.  Looking back, we dressed up (he wore his Simba shirt...awwww...)  (He was far more into Lion King the movies than Willow has been).

Finally, the Lion King came back to Boston...and we went as a family of four this time.  Willow is in First Grade.  We skipped the expense of a Limo, but did go out to eat nearby.  This time, we were more casually dressed, more because it was a Sunday early evening performance.

It was as magical as last time!  (Although, I think the production we saw with Michael was more polished)  The second "Circle of Life" starts, and elephants walk down the aisle right by us (again!)...Willow was hooked!  Michael said he enjoyed it even more this time around.

Chewy and I spent time watching Willow's reactions...which included putting her hands in wonder up to her mouth, her eyes wide open, and cheering.  I told Michael that I had a tissue in my hand before the show started because I knew I would tear up at least once.  The biggest compliment came at intermission...when Michael confessed "Mom, I cried a little bit too."

It was a wonderful evening and we enjoyed it very was such a beautiful production and a wonderful way to "end" summer and "begin" the fall season.

Nursing her Root Beer.

Father and son talking.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

More Photos from Tom's Visit

It feels so long ago since Tom was here!  Summer is definitely over, Autumn has begun with the chill in the air!

Before I forget these photos...

Confirming his existence.  :-)

Hanging out with the Willow Bean.

At the MFA.

A Beret!

Dim Sum Yum!