Thursday, April 19, 2018

More Serious Birthday Post Later....

Oh my---Willow had a wonderful birthday party weekend!

Saturday was busy as usual with piano and singing group--then she went painting with me and a group of other teens/tweens and their moms (part of a birthday present I gave her):

Ready to Paint!!

The instructor loved Willow's brush strokes.

Teens/Tweens and Moms Painting Day

Then, Sunday was her BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!  She had such fun!  Later she opened presents...(Haven't gotten her presents from us yet...waiting for her actual B-day for that...)

The sign at Dave and Busters!

The cake before it was totally, utterly mutilated...everyone wanted specific parts of the tree, flowers, etc.  The cake was yummy too!!


Creative! Seems to be the theme!

Knitting readiness from Margo and Grandpa!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

You would think I would have more time to post....

Being unemployed has been a lot of things...but so far, boring has not been it.  Been trying to get into exercise routines and catch up on all sorts of maintenance (home, personal, other...) items as well as job hunt...and the fact that I have to pick Willow up at school at a certain time each day...makes the days go by very quickly.

I cannot believe it has been two months since I was laid off.  Sigh.

I have had several job interviews, but no offers yet.  Frankly, other than the financial strain that this causes, I am not too worried about it at the moment. If we did not have to pay taxes this year, and if we did not have to spend extra money on buying a "new" car (after the other car got squished and totaled by a tree)...we would be doing pretty good.  Right now...stressing a bit because of the extra money spent...but...we are doing what we can.

Meanwhile, Willow seems to be doing better emotionally--and while Michael seems to be having occasional anxiety attacks about college...we are all healthy and happy.

BUSY weekend ahead as my daughter approaches her 10th Birthday!  Birthday party on Sunday!

And, despite my extra time on my cake has been ordered yet!! 

Well...guess I will get right on it tomorrow!

Going to boxing yesterday...

Monday, March 12, 2018

Moving Along...

Last night I was talking to Willow and said wasn't it lucky that I got laid off at the right time to be able to be around for both you and Michael's winter breaks? 

Yes, getting laid off sucks. Yes, now we are struggling financially again. Yes, a tree fell and totaled one of our cars.  Yes, it sucks looking for another job when one is older....

But.  We have our health.  I have opportunities to spend extra time with my children, who are quickly growing up...even quicker than I thought they were last year or the year before.

And for the first time, they each had a different time that their schools had a week off.  Two weeks ago, Willow had time off from school.  This week, Michael has a week off.  Giving me a unique opportunity to spend time with each of them individually.

This lay off has also given me time to spend on my health and well being, which I have sorely been neglecting the last two-three years.  Going to aqua aerobics and boxing when I want to is such a wonderful thing!

So...while anxiety is high, and I won't lie--there has been and will be some sleepless nights of worry--I am making the best of it and moving along....

(Oh, and I have had two interviews--and another one this is hope!) 

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Total Confusion 2018...


  • No one got sick!
  • Michael stayed in John's hotel room, giving him a taste of freedom, taste of having a room mate (we called it the bachelor hotel room) and he did GREAT (although, I barely saw him!)
  • Willow got to go swimming, found some little boys to play with at the pool (showing her brilliant imagination at the same time--she made up a game about mermaids, etc.)
  • Chewy got into not one, but TWO Andre games--
  • and was able to get me a spot for one also! So, I got to play in an Andre game this year--from 7 p.m. til 3 a.m....on Sunday, I was happy/exhausted!
  • Played a miniatures game with Willow--and found Michael at the table to play in the game too!
  • Willow had the main objective that had to be shuttled through the landscape (by water/land/air) to the end of the board...Willow is not a good person to keep secrets....which meant that...
  • ...we were shot at a lot and Warrior Princess Esmeralda (Willow) died a firey death out of a heli-giro...
  • In both role playing games I played--I was a fighter character (rare for me!) and one of them I got to bash the heck out of zombies with a hammer...(FUN!)

We went a day earlier, which made for a really fun was nice to see old and new friends and all and all it was one of the best times we have had in a while!  Looking forward to next year....

Pool time!

Princess Hat from her favorite vendor--the face painter lady!

Selfie by the pool...

Warrior Princess on a boat.

I was too tired to do my Ticket to Ride (Gary Gygax Memorial run) so Chewy did...and lost...spectacularly...he is the blue trains..

1st day--Breakfast...theme was Pirates this year...I bought everyone eye one wanted to wear 'em!
Michael, (another player), Willow and I playing the miniatures game...

Willow can't keep secrets (she has the prize that everyone is looking for...she has to get it from where she is to the other end of the table...where the photographer is...)

Chewy came by to see...

Michael moved an armored car to the docks...

Making his move...with miniatures, it includes dice and tape measures...

Thursday, February 22, 2018

More things Change...

Lots of changes here at the I was laid off from my position last Friday because business was slow...

Silver lining is I was available to be there for Willow this week during her school vacation. 

Wednesday was Michael's 19th Birthday, which was celebrated so low key that one would barely know that his father and me were exchanging memories through out the day of the day 19 years ago that made us parents....

Random CUTE picture!

Random picture of the fleeting teen/young man...

Meanwhile, while everything is changing and in flux...there is still-- TOTAL CON!

Bags are mostly packed, waiting for Chewy to come home...and off we forget, for a bit, the struggles of daily life--and fight for our lives against monsters, zombies, random trains and diabolical cults...

Thursday, February 01, 2018

To my children...

I know things seem tough right now.  Things you think should be easy are not and things that are hard are harder than you thought.  Growing up is hard.  No matter what we have done to prepare you, it is never enough...especially if you see and react to the world differently.  It can seem like an endlessly, rough road.

But.  I know you.  I SEE you.  I know that you will persevere.  I know that the hard knocks will bruise and batter and may make you weary to get back up again.  But you will.

Because you have before.  You have faced adversity before and changed and grown.  You have shown people who did not believe in you that you were not to be underestimated.

Things will get better with practice, experience and time.  Patience is not our strength...but we can work to achieve it while we work harder to obtain our goals.

You.  You are the most valuable resource.  And you will find your way.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Never Normal...

Things are never totally stable in my house...boring is definitely not our thing (well, it CAN be our thing...just not that often).


Last Friday, Willow tried to leave the school. On her own. Without any permission. Because she was depressed. Because she misses Grandma and the world is awful, bad things to happen to people and she has low self esteem and she thinks deep thoughts about death and dying and what things would be like if she was dead. Yes. THAT part was what got the schools attention. So, I left work, picked her up and we all made sure that she wasn't going to be suicidal. She is not. She is depressed and she overwhelmed, hormonal and intellectually growing into her own. Therapist suggests medicine may be the answer for now...and it probably is in the near future...given that Chewy, Michael and other people in the family are on prozac...this is not that surprising. That it is surprising.

But--she is growing and changing. So there is that. I had a meeting at the school today and it looks like we are heading towards 504 territory. Impressions from the meeting: She is smart, likes to think deep thoughts; loves to read--even when she should be paying attention to teacher and classroom; she says I am her best friend. So. I guess I will take this as a positive meeting and hopeful progress towards helping her out.


Michael had his first (short) week of school this week--and showed last night the first signs of some anxiety about the course load. Basically, that feeling you get at a new job, or when you see your school syllabuses the first time--that feeling time 10 for Michael. He should be fine, he just has to take it one step at a time. This weekend is buying text book time!


This weekend is also the first rehearsal for the Northeastern Treble Chorus that Willow is so excited to be a part of...kinda makes the weekend a bit more hectic....

More Serious Birthday Post Later....

Oh my---Willow had a wonderful birthday party weekend! Saturday was busy as usual with piano and singing group--then she went painting wit...