Monday, August 22, 2016

#MicroBlog Monday - CountDown

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I used to be a Fall person, just like my Grammie.  Fall and its smells, its crunchy leaves, the coolness and the sweaters and snuggles.  I loved it!  And here I go and move to New England--the CENTER of Fall!  It is awesome here in Autumn!

And yet...well, I guess as time has gone on, as I have children who are school age, as I have experienced more and more fun in Summer...I have this bittersweet Love/Hate relationship with the Count-Down between late Summer and Fall.  Not always, but a few times of the years, I have actually end up Missing Summer rather than Looking Forward to Fall.  Don't get me wrong--once Autumn is definitely here, I embrace it like an old friend and I remember why I love it is fleeting in my eyes, and I wish it could linger a bit more.

The Count-Down for school is upon us.  The school supplies have been bought.  The schedules are starting to form...but Summer is still here---and I am getting ready to make the most of it soon---as the Count Down to vacation begins this week.  Saturday, we will be leaving for a week on Cape Cod, where many days of beach and sun and fun await...


Thursday, August 04, 2016

Forward and Back, Back and Forward - Update

I look at the photo, brought up through social media...smiling child...was it that long ago?  I look at him and barely see the small, smiling child...but, every so often, more and more....I am able to see past the disgruntled teenager...I am starting to see someone new/old emerging. Hints of his humor and smiles when he is not guarded.  Slowly, I see that this boy/teenager is starting to become the young man that he will be.  It is a work in progress, slowed by obstacles...but it is there.  He is there.  I don't need (but am encouraged by) the weekly progress reports from school that show the change, the progress.  So much work ahead--but the future is starting to form and take shape.  And I am proud of him.

From weekly progress report:

"Michael did a very good job this week and was very successful in the community.  His sense of humor is really starting to come out more to more people and it's wonderful to see positive interactions with peers and staff."

The house is a bit of shambles right now...finally it has become time to remodel part of the kitchen...out with the old, in with the new--cabinets and counter-top are being replaced.  This seems a bit familiar too...a few years after we moved in, we had a new floor put in...and the mess, multiple days of dissembled household...I remember Michael walking on boards around the kitchen floor while the tiles set.  This week, we have all the stuff from the cabinets in plastic tubs in the living room hallway...the kitchen table (not always free of clutter) is FULL of stuff.  Last night--no sink, no counter-top--we had take-out fish platters from the seafood restaurant near Chewy's work...and this morning--McDonald's Breakfast...

On the only surface we had this morning...

Last night, cats inspecting the work in progress...

Oh, cabinets!

Counter-top installed this morning...

White caulk will dry clear...

UPDATE: Cabinets and counter-top finished (and evil smiling Michael!):


She is having a much smoother time at summer camp this year--and she has learned to swim very well--so well that she has passed the tests to be able to go in the deep end!  She has a few more weeks of swim lessons--I will see if she wants to do more--but, she is her mother's daughter--a fish in water! We have had a couple weekends where she and I have been in pools more than on dry land!  (We still haven't gone to a beach this summer...soon!)


Time is moving, moving..forward we keep going...summer is still here, but almost at an end.  Schools supplies, some have been bought, some are still awaiting our time and energy.  Still in our future is time on Cape Cod and beaches and fun...and Third Grade and Senior Year of High School and Driving lessons and singing lessons and...oh, so much more....


Monday, July 25, 2016

#Microblog Monday - Trek!

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Chewy and I went to see the new Star Trek movie together.  It was really really good!

As the titles started, my husband whispered to me "You know the first time we went to a Star Trek movie together? 1991"

Wow.  Star Trek brought us together--and it still is around and kicking...and so are we!

[We met at a Star Trek club in college...yep, science fiction geek when it was not even trendy!]

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Things of Note

Coming late to the party on this one, but finally had a chance to listen, really listen to the Hamilton Soundtrack. I am finding it very fun and even joyful.  It definitely captured a revolutionary spirit, and there are some musical numbers that are really outstanding and some that are staying in my head for quite some time.  Kinda giving me a lift emotionally, like musicals are supposed ta!

My favorite songs, so far are:



My Shot


This week Willow is going to our favorite Live Action Role Playing (LARP) camp.  She has a foam sword and yesterday we made sure to come up with a costume (using an old garland from a renaissance fair and part of her dance costume, she decided against the veil from her Zombie Bride costume last year...)

Summer camp supplies -- backpack, check!, lunch box, check!, sword, check!


Last Sunday I finally got to do something I have wanted to for a while--go to one of those Paint and Play places--and I did a painting (!)  I am definitely no Picasso, but Willow and Brad liked it very much and Willow picked out a place to hang it...

Left is the start of the painting, top right is halfway through, bottom right is finished painting..


Before July 4th weekend, I had to work a half day with no one else in the office...I took Willow along.  She played so very nicely in an office, using an unplugged phone to answer "calls" and make "appointments" for the President and Mayor...


Monday, July 11, 2016

#Microblog Monday - This and That

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I meant to write about the Indigo Girls concert I went to recently...

It was put on by the town of Lowell, which annually has a music series that brings artists and concerts to the town for reasonable and family-friendly prices.  I thought that was so awesome.  My friend and I sat in our lawn chairs, the weather was perfect--and I had a great view of some great artists--for a reasonable price (and kids 12 and under were free!).  They also had American Sign Language Interpreters there...which were about as interesting as watching the act--one of them was a rather tall gentleman, who matter-of-factly signed along with the songs....and he switched out every now and again with a short, petite woman who swayed and smiled and looked like she was having a blast!  I went to this concert a week after the awfulness in Orlando--and it made me happy to be in a crowd of people who were just enjoying themselves, happy, inclusions and getting along (and, it being the Indigo Girls--there were a lot of People of Pride, which also brought to my mind the wickedness of the previous week and how we as a people need to get along...)


And then last week. I just really have no way to process how much chaos our country seems to be derisive people have gotten over things that should be common sense...and I will leave that...I am still trying to wrap my mind around how our country seems to not have learned lessons and how history seems to keep repeating and repeating...makes me worry for our future...yet, I am hopeful that people keep those voices out there and there will be change and triumphs, inclusiveness and justice....


Then there is just every day life--time continues going so fast, that I cannot believe that July is almost at a mid-point, that Independence Day and Chewy's Birthday, have already come and appreciate the little things:

  • A son who comes down and asks you discreetly to help him to buy a present for his father for his birthday, how he gives the gift and it is accepted in such an ecstatic way that the son feels he has given him the greatest gift;
  • A daughter who creates such elaborate play scenes that I want to write it down just to remember the various plots and descriptions she has used;
  • The humor and togetherness of driving/riding in a car with the whole family, digging up and listening to Weird Al and singing along;
  • The scream of a child who is right now afraid of bugs (again) even though its a lady bug, Willow....
  • The boy's latest obsession with this weird fake commerical!


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Father's Day and Field Day 2016

Not a lot of time to write, but Father's Day was very nice and I think Chewy found himself very much appreciated and loved!

He got to sleep in late, he got gifts and sushi and he watched one of his favorite movies Commando (for some reason he thought he could watch this with both his children--Willow left in disgust within minutes--Chewy said, "hey, its about a father rescuing his daughter!")

Yesterday was Field Day--which is a big ta-do around these parts--and Willow even got a shirt to prove it!

Pictures for bother Father's Day and Field Day, below!

Swinging outside on Father's Day

Summer is HERE! Michael is off for the next two weeks; Willow's last day is Friday...

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Finding Doreen...

Michael did his first volunteer stint and it went fine.  Over protective mother that I am, I did stay at the movie theater the whole four hour shift -- I took the opportunity to read in the newly furnished lobby.

It is opening weekend for Finding Do.r.y.  Not as many people as I thought were there at the beginning of his shift...but it got busier.  And it being opening weekend, they had face painting and balloons, etc.

Michael and I got there and immediately we found...Doreen.  She has been a volunteer for Jimmy Fund (and the Red Cross and others) for eight years.  She actually volunteered to show him the ropes--and off they went.  Between screenings, they would come out in the lobby.  Michael did some pacing, while I got to talk with Doreen. She was very talkative and nice...and very nice to Michael, taking his eccentricities in stride.  She helped him be more at ease...and therefore I was more at ease.  She wryly said that they "discussed" whether her mechanical pencil that they both used to check off their movies was a pencil (Michael at first insisted it was a pen, until she showed him it had lead (Michael corrects--graphite).  By the time the four hour shift was ending, Michael had joked with her, had pizza and M&Ms and he had talked with a boy similar in age who was working as an usher!

It was a good Whew!  Moment. No incidents and a pleasant afternoon.  And he collected money for a good cause!!

It was so nice that we found Doreen to help him ease into this!  Now I feel a bit less worried for his next shift in July...

Michael's canister with the schedule--Doreen suggested putting the schedule around the canister...and there is Michael in his typical "not smile/smile".  

Meanwhile, I stood in line and got some Dory and Nemo balloons...