Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Weird Summer

Having vacation right at the start of summer already makes for a strange summer, especially since part of summer is anticipation...but this summer just has been all kinds of weird...

Michael is going to school, as his school is year round.  He has a summer elective and they get 1/2 days on Friday, but it still means that his morning routine is the same.  Which means our routine is the same, really.  He is not the only one eagerly awaiting his two weeks vacation at the end of August!

Willow has been to two different summer camps.

The first one ended last week...it was more of a "Tiger Mom" type camp, where the kids had workshops and classes throughout the day.  Last Friday was Family Day and we got to see what she had been doing for the last 3 weeks.  She had explored science and things that fly...and been part of an actors studio and dance.  For the acting--the kids put on a play.  In the auditorium of the middle school where the camp was held.  On the stage, my bubbly little girl became the shy,stage-frighty girl...she ran crying from the stage.  We comforted her and told her all the actors who have stage-fright, etc.  She ended up going up on stage with the rest of the class and taking her bow.  The bubbly-girl came back in the dance class---she put on her "costume" (they had tie dyed shirts earlier in the class curriculum) and she twisted and twirled and smiled.

For the rest of the summer, Willow will be going to a more "traditional" camp--swimming, field trips, running, jumping, crafts, etc.  Already I can see this is more her speed.  (Monday, her first day, they went on a hike in the woods, ate their lunches and she met a new friend and they found a tree who spoke to them in a tree language that they made up)

Chewy is working from home, which makes it weird too.

Add in our "normal" mix of anxieties from Aspergers/Teen issues, work issues, home and car repair...it just makes for a strange time.

Not to mention, of course, the fact that I cannot wrap my head around the fact that more than 1/2 of this year is over...that my son is almost 16 1/2, my daughter will be in second grade in September...

I need more beach time!  [sigh]


Sunday, July 05, 2015

Cape Cod 2015

It wasn't perfect (weather was tricky the first couple of days, almost got killed on the highway when my trunk opened unexpectedly, our first hotel room was impossible for us to stay in, teen angst, etc...)...but our vacation on Cape Cod did indeed pick up and there were some wonderful highlights...

as usual, it was over too fast--and on top of it all, add an unusual July 4th and Chewy's birthday today (July 5th) and Chewy's mother leaving to go back to Michigan after her visiting...we are a bit bittersweet feeling today.

But, we have our memories to look back on!

On a beach in Hyannis--waiting for the weather to be better!

Cape Cod National Seashore Visitors Center.

At Red Barn Pizza in Eastham.

Beach time in Eastham!

Looking at art in Provincetown!

Hanging out with Nonnie in Provincetown.

Finding snails, shrimp and hermit crabs in Provincetown.

Singing to a snail.

Highfield Hall in Falmouth had Fairy Houses!

This fairy house in a tree and has little lobster traps!

Willow looking picture perfect.

Willow and Nonnie looking at a fairy house.



Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Rite of Passage - Stitches!

Willow had a bit of an adventure late afternoon yesterday.  She was playing with a child in her after-school program and was being swung around--and fell to the the floor hard.  On her chin.  With a big gash.

I left work early, expecting to see just a small cut--but...emergency room, three hours and SEVEN Stitches later we were home!

She was a brave girl and now she has survived another Rite of Passage!

Pictures below:

Waiting for the Doctor.

This one is a bit gruesome  (if you want to skip over it, there are more nice pictures):


The results:

Seven stitches for the Seven Year Old!

Good Job, Willow!

Strawberry Popsicle Reward

Glad it was not too serious and proud of my little girl!


Monday, June 08, 2015

#MicroblogMonday - Camping!

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I took Willow for her first ever camping trip...me and her in a tent, our friend in her camper.  There were campfires, s'mores, late nights, visitors and a little rain.  There was running around playing with dogs, hot dogs on the fire, fishing and watermelon, strawberries, bagels and ice cream.  (All while camping in our friend's woodsy, rural, wonderful backyard)

First Night, S'mores and visitors!

First Morning after spending the night in the tent!

The "Campsite" (another camper came the next night)

Fishing for the first time!

Fascinated by fish

Monday, June 01, 2015

#MicroblogMonday - "Super Mom"

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Accomplishments this weekend -- helping Michael use Nail Polish Remover to remove paint off an old plastic model.

Michael then did the harder part, he took this model apart, removed the paint, then re-painted and reassembled--this is the finished product.

(Who knew that I would use Nail Polish Remover so much after I was an adult and was not forced to wear nail polish--I wait, I am forced occasionally to wear nail polish by my 7 year old!)

Helping Willow with her "popcorn biography" project for her 1st Grade Class (I helped glue the hair):

Its Christa McAullife - spitting image!

The "Super Mom" part came that night--when we had to figure out how to put popped popcorn into the brown paper bag that she is glued to...in a way that the popped corn would not ruin it.  (I thought all I had to do was have her bring in a microwave bag to be popped, but last night (past her bedtime) she informed me that they needed the popcorn already popped!  So, a grocery bag jammed into the small brown bag, cooled popcorn...and a tired mommy (not so tired 7 year old--needs to go to sleep earlier!)


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Microblog Monday (On Tuesday)

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Being Social.  Being Social.  It is not my thing usually.  Which is not to say I do not want to spend time with people.  Or that there are times when I lament feeling lonely.  Or that there are times when I have great times with my friends.

But.  Being Social for the sake of doing so--because our son needs help dealing with social situations.  Because our daughter needs to have play dates with other kids her age.  Because we are expected to be there.

I love new experiences, do not really love meeting new people--although I have been pushing myself and my family to be more social.  

It was successful this weekend.  We met with new people, and Michael found someone he "clicked" with - so much so that we met with them again on Monday.  We met up with some not-so-new friends that we have started really enjoying hanging out with and that was fun!  We went to a BBQ on Sunday.

That was what this long weekend was about.  Being Social.  And it was exhausting!!

I need a break from being social now...the introvert in me needs to just be on the couch and read.  

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mother's Day Recap

This is what Michael gave me for Mother's Day.  For a teenage boy, who doesn't always know how to express his emotions--he did so especially well!

Willow also gave me a wonderful gift, a wonderful essay on how I was a Super Mom.  ;-)

Ice cream for breakfast, Chewy's wonderful Hallah French Toast!

Then, Japanese Steakhouse for dinner!

It was relaxing and very much appreciated!

(Next time Laser Tag, though!)