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Year in Review

I got this idea from Valerie. Here is my favorite blog posts (of mine) from each month of the past year.

Renewal ~ Jan.08

Confusion and Chaos ~ Feb.08

Cthullu Wears Diapers ~ March 08

We Have Kids! ~ April 08

Things I Can't Get Pictures of... ~ May 08

Dedicated to my Grammie ~ June 08

The Cat, The Kid and the Wardrobe ~ July 08

I'm Back, Baby ~ Aug. 08

School Time again... ~ Sept. 08

Six Months ~ Oct. 08

Willow Meets Sir Winston ~ Nov. 08

Growing Relationships ~ Dec. 08

Happy New Year!

Give some hugs

Cibele could really use some hugs and support.

Show & Tell #22

I am a rabid reader, so I really enjoy getting books for the holidays (okay, I think all of these are for my birthday). Click on the images to learn more about them.

The first one is timely:

So far, this book definately has my sense of humor and gore.

Another book that I am starting to enjoy:

I have often found myself reading mainly non-fiction, so when I hear about a fiction book on NPR, I usually make a note of it--or more likely put it on my wishlist--where my Braces Bunch Secret Santa found it.

The last book I received hit more on my non-fiction list:

I also got to do some bargin shopping with a gift certificate for Amazon (I love to see how many books I can get on a gift certificate).

So, did you get any good books this holiday season?

Merry Christmas to All - Update with some Pics...


Random Pictures:

Michael has a tie fighter now!

Enjoying her new toys...noticing that EVERYTHING seems to have to make noise (sheez).
Also, some of the pictures I took look like she is upset--she is not--she is just talking a lot while she is playing...

Playing Clone Wars light saber duels (and kicking mom and dad's butt)

Christmas Eve before we went out to the Japanese Steakhouse. I couldn't get a good photo in this dress, she was fascinated in eating the flower on it...and then later, during present opening---she had a breech--all over daddy. (she had a Christmas eve bath!)


Santa is coming!! (This is a traditional ornament from when I was a starts at the top of the tree and as it gets closer to Christmas, the further down the tree it goes)

As I listen to JJ's CD (beautiful songs, beautiful voice), read the book Leah Secret Santa'd me (you looked at my wish list!!), I am reminded of my wonderful blog friends! Ho…


Traditionally, we try to make the first night of Hanukah special. We usually invite people over. We make potato latkes and roast or brisket. We play driedel. And we exchange presents. (Since we celebrate both Christmas and Hanukah, our tradition is to exchange Hanukah gifts on the first and last days of Hanukah).

In the beginning, we have started out this way and by the middle of Hanukah we have forgotten to light the menorah one night. Some years we have went to a local synagogue and participated in a Hanukah party—driedels made of marshmallows anyone? Some years (the real early ones), I read a book about Hanukah to our fur babies—chinchillas (now I read that book to Michael and Willow). But, I would say that in the last few years, with Michael firmly on board, we have maintained a fairly traditional 8-day celebration.

So, of course, it was time to get a little off course! The first night this year coincided with two major events. The first was my brother’s 2nd annual (hopefu…

Show & Tell #21

I always like special ornaments, and these hand made ornaments are great additions to our tree. Thank you, Margo!

The newest addition, for the geekest tree! My husband loves this ornament!* Maybe next year another Star Trek insigna? Maybe Battlestar Galatica!

The other new ornament--for our newest addition.**

Very nice.

An ornament for me.

* Its a Klingon symbol. Very cool. :-)

** Willow approved. As with anything and everything else, she put it in her mouth!


In 5 days, I will be another year older. Guess what I saw in the car mirror the other day? Two white hairs...not gray (which, btw, I would be okay with) but white (I just hate white hair in general).

I never have had a problem getting older. I like to think that I will have no problem showing my age, etc. But, listening to Christmas songs, driving home last night, I actually had the first pang of...I am not sure what. It was a mixture of regret that my life is, in all likely hood, half over. I felt like I was in a movie theatre trying to say--"Hold on, could you go back a couple reels there?" Wow. I have been with my husband for over 15 years. Michael is almost 10 years old. Willow is almost 8 months old. Time flies by. I would never imagined that I would be almost 40 years old!

It was probably brought on by the fact that this time of year gets me all sentimental and gushy already. And I am missing people in my life. I am remembering them. Wishing there were h…

Christmas Meme

Okay, onto something more fun...(I have tons of time to worry about the unknown--let's stick with the here and now!)

Got this from Jen over at A Tale of Two Coins. Anyone can take this and post it on their blog.

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? Wrapping paper, ineptly wrapped.
2. Real tree or Artificial? Artificial. Bought a nice one last year, its an umbrella type. Real easy to put up.
3. When do you put up the tree? Saturday after Thanksgiving.
4. When do you take the tree down? New Years Day
5. Do you like eggnog? Love love.
6. Favorite gift received as a child? Racetrack
7. Hardest person to buy for? my mom
8. Easiest person to buy for? Michael (now Willow too). I always buy too many toys, etc. for him.
9. Do you have a nativity scene? Nope--athiest.
10. Mail or e-mail Christmas Card? Mail
11. Worst Christmas gift you have ever received? Gloves.
12. Favorite Christmas movie? Its a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol (George C. Scott one)
13. When do you start shopping for Christmas? In…

Time to be Strong Again...

Tough times are here and they are coming. Hence why I have been silent this weekend. Usually I post on Show & Tell. Lately I have been doing Perfect Moment Mondays. But I needed some time to digest some tough things this weekend.

My father works in the auto industry. He has already had a 5% pay cut in the summer—company hoping to stave off lay offs. This past week, 20 people got laid off at his job. He survived—but now in addition to the pay cut, he is down to working only 4 days a week. Not sure how long before he is laid off.

I can sympathize with him. More than I would like to, actually. My work place is a small company (10 employees—one being me). We are dependant on others (I guess you could say we are a service industry), and others are cutting back. So, there has been talk of cutting people’s salaries, in hopes of staving off lay offs. (Sound familiar?) I really am not sure if I will have a job next month…or the next month. I don’t even want to think about 6 mo…

Growing Relationships

A couple weeks ago, I went out during my lunch hour. I was relishing the few moments I had during the day for myself and only myself—I had a good book. Seated next to me was a mother and her daughter. Her daughter looked to be about 10 years old. After my first thoughts, (“Why is she not in school? Is there a school holiday that I did not know of [this happens sometimes!] and “Why did she come to a Thai restaurant—kind of sophisticated for a kid—hmmm, I should take Michael here.”) I started to casually listen to their conversation. It was pleasant and familiar. It was confidences between mother and daughter. I started to think about the type of relationship I want with my daughter. Will we go out during a work week and try out Thai food?

It got me thinking about how my relationship with Willow will be the same and different from my relationship with my son.

My relationship with my son is as complex as he is. As a toddler, he was at my side always. I took Wednesdays off every…

Songs that are Memories

This is the song my husband would sing as a lullaby to my son. I cannot hear this song without thinking of my first born, sleeping in my husband's arms.

Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to arise

Black bird singing in the dead of night
Take these sunken eyes and learn to see
all your life
you were only waiting for this moment to be free

Blackbird fly, Blackbird fly
Into the light of the dark black night.

Blackbird fly, Blackbird fly
Into the light of the dark black night.

Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to arise,oh
You were only waiting for this moment to arise, oh
You were only waiting for this moment to arise

-- Beatles

Between IVF/ICSI cycle 1 and cycle 2 was a dark time. We (probably foolishly) went to see "Knocked Up". This song stayed with us. We cannot hear this song without thinking…

Perfect Moment Monday

This weekend, the kids and I are sick. I seem to have the stuffy stuffy nose that uses many many tissues. My son has the hacking cough that keeps going and going. (Willow seems to have the least amount of suffering, luckily...she just seems to have a runny nose and an occasional cough).

Moment 1: Saturday night, I just could not stand it any longer. I was not breathing through my nose, my husband was snoring. I went downstairs, went on the laptop and just hoped that my nose would finally drain. As I sat downstairs at 3 a.m.--my son came down. He was having similar non-sleep issues. We sat up, looked at a book, went on-line for a game or two and he found a caricature creator and made the whole family--including our turtle. We were up until 4 a.m. It was like a little secret social hour with my son.

Moment 2: Willow has started to say "da da" a lot. Often not necessarily to daddy, but to EVERY male she encounters. But, she only SMILES and says da da to one person and …

Show Me Your Tree - Show & Tell

I have decided to participate in SMYT from fellow Braces Buncher (un)complicate me (click on the link to join in the fun). This also doubles as my Show & Tell this week.

So, without further ado--here's our tree...

Can you spot Opus?

The prominent snowman at near the top--Michael's kindergarten picture.

We have so many ornaments, I just decided this year to go with a more understated look and did not put all of them on. I don't do tinsle, I have garlands of metal and plastic. My ornaments do have some type of theme, I love snowmen and musical stuff, snowflakes, cookie sheets of christmas stuff, and then the personal/sentimental ornaments. Its a fake umbrella tree-very easy to put up. We try to go understated in our decor, as we celebrate both Christmas and Hannukah, so we don't want to overstate one over the other.

This is my favorite ornament this year. A few years ago we did a personalized ornament for our family. This year, I bought a baby one personalized for W…

Contemplation on Reflections and Reflecting

This time of year I think everyone does a bit of reflecting. Even if you do not celebrate any of the holidays that surround you like oxygen, the end of the year approaches, and like a bookkeeper who goes through all the receipts for the fiscal year—every one tends to sort through the muddle of the past year. Sometimes searching for meaning. Sometimes searching for something lost. Sometimes searching for that damn book you bought at the beginning of summer, that you meant to read at the beach, but then the weather was not that great this year and you were too busy with a newborn and you just never got around to reading it, and then you just thought of it and would like to read it now…

I have lots of reminders that the past is receding further, the present is fleeting and the future is coming soon. I have my son who is going to be 10 (TEN!!) years old soon. I have the holidays of Christmas and Hannukah AND my birthday. The ultimate in Time Flies Technology (TFT)— soon to be 8 mont…

BB Book Tour - Harriet the Spy

It’s time once again for another blog book tour.

This time the book was Harriet the Spy by Louise Fitzhugh.

I had not read this book as a child, but I had seen the movie, being the Buffy-file that I am. I thought the movie was nice and I was curious about the book. I found the book an interesting read, but I was put off a bit by the social and class situations presented in this book, which was written and set in the 1960s. But I did find this fascinating profile of Harriet on NPR that actually gave me more insight into the book. Now, onto the questions:

Harriet's parents almost entirely delegate all parenting tasks to Ole Golly or Cook. Did you have any particular reaction to their uninvolved parenting style? Was your reaction influenced by your own infertility/journey toward parenthood?

I think the first thought in my head was “How perfectly selfish Harriet’s parents are…why did they even have her?” “Do they know anything about her?”

I took a step back and remembered that this …

I'm Loved...A meme

Thank you Serenity for this meme:

I answered these questions on Sunday night:

Where is your cell phone? Upstairs.
Where is your significant other? Couch
Your hair color? Auburn
Your mother? Indiana
Your father? Michigan
Your favorite thing? Humor
Your dream last night? Reality
Your goal? Loose (weight)
The room you’re in? Living room
Your hobby? Scrapbooking
Your fear? Alone
Where do you want to be in six years? Hmmm...
Where were you last night? Kitchen
What you’re not? Watching (t.v.)
One of your wish-list items? Books
Where you grew up? Michigan
The last thing you did? Cook
What are you wearing? Robe
Your TV? Ignored
Your pet? cat
Your computer? Being used.
Your mood? Annoyed
Missing someone? yes
Your car? driveway
Something you’re not wearing? socks
Favorite store? Think Geek
Your summer? Gone
Love someone? yes
Your favorite color? Blue
When is the last time you laughed? today
Last time you cried? this afternoon

Rules to this meme: tag seven bloggers that you love via the above button. Said blogger then must answ…

Perfect Moment Monday

Of course this long weekend had a host of Perfect Moments. Time stood still this weekend and I saw things between the ticks and the tocks.

As we were putting up our decorations, Michael had an earnest discussion of the origins and histories of various ornaments/decorations. Having him remember things from previous years was such a wonderful experience, one that has only started happening in the last few years, as our son has grown to a maturity where memory and history intertwine. The Perfect Moment – Michael, with Santa Hat that he has claimed as his own since last year, totally involved in putting together the Christmas Tree countdown to X-Mas. Putting the little wooden slats into the wooden tree, he looked so determined and so sure of himself and his place in the world.

Willow’s Perfect Moment was more in the line of her gaining knowledge of herself and how things work. She found out that she could curl her bottom lip under her top lip, and make a sucking, slurping noise. She …

Show & Tell #19

Today was our traditional day for decorating the house for the holidays. We always have done it the Saturday after Thanksgiving, this is a tradition carried over from my family. This year, it took a lot longer than others. Mainly because we had to do a little at a time and then stop and spend time with Willow. Also, Michael had to go to the town's tree lighting ceremony because his Cub Scout Pack was singing during the ceremony (also selling NE Clam Chowder). So, a simple 2-3 hour process of putting up the fake tree and decorations took the whole day. But, it is (almost) done.

We celebrate both Christmas and Hannukah, so we have decorations for both. It was amazing to watch Michael. He knew what we traditionally do, he found lost treasures packed away, he helped decorate. How much he has grown and changed.

Where has my little boy from 2001 gone?

Nothing like the holidays to remind one of the time gone by.

Thanksgiving 2008 - Updated with Pictures

As this is often a time to reflect, I decided to see my post from Thanksgiving Last Year.

And then I saw this one from exactly one year ago.

I am so thankful for what the past has done for me. For what the present brings in its joys both big and small.

In these times when everything is so fragile, so is good to look at those snapshots of the past and remember what is the most important to you.

Last night, Michael brought home a hand turkey he made at school. He had written that he was thankful for his sister Willow and his cat Gabby. That meant the most to me than anything else he could have done.
(And, I got a sneak--he had written a note/card to a girl he is smitten with--saying "I am thankful for you being alive"). Okay, he is sooo getting a squishy hug!!

I have pjs and an outfit for Willow that says "Baby's 1st Thanksgiving" and I will post pictures later...I realize that last time I had a Baby's 1st Thanksgiving, I think I took it for…

Seven Months

Took Willow to her Well-Visit check up today. She is 16 lbs., 26 inches. She is doing well, and the doctor was very pleased with her. Since the appointment was at the most inconvienent time, and it took 1 hour before we were even seen, and since she did get shots on all four limbs--I stayed home with her the rest of the day. Appropriate, as she turned 7 months old today. It was nice to spend some time--just me and her.

The giraffe is a baby present from Husband's work.

Comparing "hands"

Still dealing with a slight cold..

This is my favorite. After I picked Michael up (and he had his healthy snack), he had some chocolate ice cream.

Willow SO wanted some ice cream....

Perfect Moment Monday

Discovery - The Leaf

(After this picture, she tried to eat the leaf--perfect moments are fleeting...)

Usually, I try to mention both children on PMM...but today--its all Willow. Happy 7 months my little girl!

Show & Tell #18

Once, 3 years ago, I spent a blizzardy weekend organizing my cabinet space in my kitchen. It was so wonderful to have everything organized.

However, as with everything in my family right now--we are learning to grow and, we bought and had installed this pantry cabinet. (Still working on where the displaced items--like the phone--will go)

This weekend is being spent sorting through the kitchen and organizing the choas within.

I call this--the shelf of things that used to fall on me; the shelf of baby and cat food (please pick from the left for cat food); and the shelf of snacks that the boy can get instead of always asking me to get them while I am busy dealing with a squirming baby.

Willow meets Sir Winston

My Grammie loved stuffed animals and one of her favorites was a little stuffed dog she named Sir Winston (after Winston Churchill). I have Sir Winston near my bed, on my bedstand.

A couple of days ago, Willow met with Sir Winston.