Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Visiting the Museum of Fine Arts....

I love taking the kids to the museum...any museum, but especially the MFA.  There is so much to explore there...we always find something that we haven't seen before.

We went to see the Samuri exhibit:

We were very impressed....although I think Willow was a little scared.
Amazing textures and the piercing eyes.
Well worth dragging a tired 5 year old around the museum to find this.  It was amazing to see.

We did not realize that the Art In Bloom event was still going on, so sometimes we saw beautiful flower arrangements next to the art.
Yeah, that blur is Willow....

This painting reminded me of Willow...it was painted in the gallery (very meta):
And, we had time to make our own art outside of the museum...
It was a great day!



Sunday, April 28, 2013

Perfect Moment Monday

Perfect Moment Monday is about noticing a perfect moment rather than creating one. Perfect moments can be momentous or ordinary or somewhere in between. On the last Monday of each month we engage in mindfulness about something that is right with our world. Everyone is welcome to join. To participate in Perfect Moment Monday: Follow Write Mind Open Heart. Between the Sunday night before and the Sunday night after, write up your own Perfect Moment and post. Visit the Perfect Moments of others and let the writers know you were there with some comment currency.

Moment #1: We are thinking of participating in a Mentor program for him.  It is kind of like Big Brothers/Big Sisters, but for children with ADHD/Aspergers.  We sit at the table and he is asked his opinion of the program from one of the supervisors who has come to interview us.  For once, he voices his opinion and shows his emotions quite openly and honestly.  And it is not what I want to hear.  He is reluctant to do this program.  He feels that we see something lacking in him.  He closes down.  The interview seems to have stalled and I fear that something that I think we should really try, something that I think will help him despite himself, is at an end.  We limp along the interview...grasping.  The supervisor asks what he likes to do besides video games.  I mention Star Wars and Lego sets.  A spark.  He gets excited.  He starts to hint broadly that the supervisor should see his latest Lego set in his room.  They go up to his room.  He is now talking animatedly.  And they are up there for about 10 minutes.  A perfect moment that I did not see, but I could feel.  A connection.  That is all I am asking for.

Moment #2: She is, as always, reluctant to go to sleep.  I am so tired. I have half-heartedly read books and I finally just lay beside her in her bed, hoping she will just fall asleep already...see, watch me!  Instead...she sings Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star to me and strokes my head.  I lie there in wonder at her agelessness.


Friday, April 26, 2013

Random Fact Friday

My friend JJ started Random Fact Friday over on her blog. Right now, she could use some hugs...so please give her a virtual hug by clicking EFFUCANCER

Just for the Record: This is the check up where my son is now officially taller than me. 

His stats: 5 feet 4 inches (a whole 1/2 inch taller than me!)
               123 pounds

The birthday girl's stats: 43 inches; 41 lbs

Yes, they are healthy.  Yes they had to get shots.  Yes dad took them to a bakery afterwards.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Five Years

Five years ago, a lifetime ago.  How strange to think of life before you were in it.  You have really made our lives, our family, complete.  Your bubbliness and sincerity, your genuine curiosity in life. 

Having a girl has been a relevation to me.  The shoes, the dresses, the need for nail polish.  Things that were on the perfery for me as a tomboy.  You are no tomboy, but you do not lack energy and bounce.  You remind me of my favorite Winnie the Pooh character--Tigger. Your shoes get worn at the tips with the amount of bouncing you do.  You jump and you run, you giggle and sing.  You love to be tickled  and hugged and you love to color and read (one of the few activities that you will sit still for).

You have become much more observant and curious this past year. You ask questions about how things work and why.  Earnestly, you ask about why hair color is the way it is, how dinosaurs died, how pipes work, how cars and roads work.  

You are Willow the Whirlwind, on the go from the time you get up in the morning until you finally are convinced (with a book and a song/cuddle, and many, many, many "good night, now go to sleep"s) to go to sleep.  
You can write your name, you are obsessed with drawing rainbows and playing school and dinosaurs.  You want to be a teacher and a mommy.  You love "cleaning" and can be so helpful and so distracting with dinner.

You can occasionally be bossy "Play with me, momma!" "No, you be the momma!"  "No, the animals don't talk, silly goose!" 

You can be positively heartwarming "I love you, momma." "I love my whole family. I love Michael, and daddy and you and Gabby and Kif."  The other night, after Michael's band concert, you told him it was "exquisite."

So are you.

Thank you for being such a wonder.  Thank you for five years of the most wonderful experiences. Thank you for being someone worth waiting for.

Happy Birthday, Willow.        



Sunday, April 21, 2013

Birthday Party!!!

Willow's Birthday Party was Saturday and it ran very smoothly.  I think everyone had a great time!  Other than ordering a bit too much food (last year I think I bought too little) it all went well!

Her friends arrived and they scattered everywhere to play games...we had tons of tokens (we still have!).

The kids liked playing in the tubes, her cousins came and enjoyed the smaller rides/games.  To be honest, I was surprised when it was over...it seemed like it just flew by.

Here are some pictures:

Dancing with Chuck E. Cheese (Willow in the Crown at the front).

Michael could not contain his hunger, before the food came...bummed 2 bucks off me to get Cotton Candy.

Willow's cousins, Lorelei (in the blue) and Kirsten LOVED their balloons!

Willow, Chuck and Kirsten.

Playing in the tubes/slide.

Willow and Chuck.


Back at home, modeling one of her gifts, a hat. (Well, technically two gifts, as we had given her the dress as a gift earlier in the day.)  Oh, and there is chocolate cake all over her face, a sign of good times if I ever saw one.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

No title can really work for this post.  Actually, I have no idea if I have words to fit in this post.

I just feel like I need to say something, I suppose.  Or maybe I just want to acknowledge it here.  I don't know.

I am not a Runner.  I don't even follow sports that much.  But I do like Patriot's Day and Marathon Day.

It has always been a wonderful start to Spring, to Renewal.  Some local news anchors pointed out that the whole Patriot's Day Atmosphere is celebratory and fun.  We go see the re-enactors, we watch people from various countries and nationalities come here for the Marathon.  We see stories of humanity and overcoming adversity.  We remember our roots and enjoy the blossoming of Spring.

One year, my Uncle Bob ran the Marathon.  It was the probably the closest I have ever been to the Marathon.  Michael and I went and cheered my Uncle and the other runners on.  Last year, my husband was working right on the route and was able to watch a good portion of it.

I have walked and driven through the Copley Square area many, many times.  Now, everytime I go into Boston, everytime I go to Copley Square, like every Patriot's Day and every Marathon day from here on in--I will think about the many people affected by the ignobility of man.

Monday, April 08, 2013


Normalcy is just not the norm right now. [sigh]

Looking at a folder on my laptop. Old stuff from old laptop.

Photos...looking at her, because her birthday is coming up.

And then I find the pictures and video of New Year's 2011.  And our friend is there, celebrating and alive.

Tired of feeling inundated. 

Need a break. (longer than a weekend, with good news)

Birthday party coming--and Spring. 

I need the renewal. Photobucket

Monday, April 01, 2013

Celebrating 20 Years

This past weekend.  Chewy and I in an expensive (but not really, cuz of Priceline) hotel in the city.  While the kids were at home with grandma.  It was decadent.  But necessary.  It was a celebration.  But a quite one.  It was 20 years.  It went fast, both the weekend and the years.

It was not quite what we had originally planned (we originally wanted to go somewhere more exotic--but time, money and lack of babysitters forced us to go a little smaller in scale).   But, even though we were only about 20 minutes away--it felt like worlds away.  And even though it was a familar place, it was a familar feeling we were trying to capture anyways.

Because life can be too hectic.  Because it can get in the way.  Because even when you have the best kids in the world--you sometimes want to be able to be an adult on you own...with your partner.

We had room service.  We watched movies and snuggled in.  No interruptions...my husband (the major computer guy) even made sure NOT to bring a laptop.  It was just us. 

We slept in, had massages.  We walked and talked and laughed.  We spent time in a way that we had not been able to in months.  We each realized how much 20 years feels like a blink in time.  How we are getting older--the bittersweetness of that realization...while waiting for our made to order omlets.

We had a wonderful dinner out that evening.  The restuarant treated us well--anniversary card, complimentary champagne.  Back to the hotel for another movie and snuggling. 

The next morning, anticipation of going back home.  But...still got a swim in the pool (first time in YEARS I was able to get Chewy into a pool--he doesn't like to get wet, my Chewy). 

20 years.  2 days. 

We got these for the kids.

Our dinner out.  That T-Bone is Chewy's.  I had scallops with braised beef.

Our waiter to our picture. 

I took my own picture before we left for dinner.