Monday, April 01, 2013

Celebrating 20 Years

This past weekend.  Chewy and I in an expensive (but not really, cuz of Priceline) hotel in the city.  While the kids were at home with grandma.  It was decadent.  But necessary.  It was a celebration.  But a quite one.  It was 20 years.  It went fast, both the weekend and the years.

It was not quite what we had originally planned (we originally wanted to go somewhere more exotic--but time, money and lack of babysitters forced us to go a little smaller in scale).   But, even though we were only about 20 minutes away--it felt like worlds away.  And even though it was a familar place, it was a familar feeling we were trying to capture anyways.

Because life can be too hectic.  Because it can get in the way.  Because even when you have the best kids in the world--you sometimes want to be able to be an adult on you own...with your partner.

We had room service.  We watched movies and snuggled in.  No husband (the major computer guy) even made sure NOT to bring a laptop.  It was just us. 

We slept in, had massages.  We walked and talked and laughed.  We spent time in a way that we had not been able to in months.  We each realized how much 20 years feels like a blink in time.  How we are getting older--the bittersweetness of that realization...while waiting for our made to order omlets.

We had a wonderful dinner out that evening.  The restuarant treated us well--anniversary card, complimentary champagne.  Back to the hotel for another movie and snuggling. 

The next morning, anticipation of going back home.  But...still got a swim in the pool (first time in YEARS I was able to get Chewy into a pool--he doesn't like to get wet, my Chewy). 

20 years.  2 days. 

We got these for the kids.

Our dinner out.  That T-Bone is Chewy's.  I had scallops with braised beef.

Our waiter to our picture. 

I took my own picture before we left for dinner.

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St Elsewhere said...

Happy Anniversary, Delenn and Chewy.

I am glad you got some time away from the routine. The food looks delicious.

Many many many decades to come. :-)