Friday, March 31, 2017

Every Day...

  • Recently, for some reason, she likes my hairbrush more than the three (3!) other brushes she has.  (Mine is a round brush).  Yesterday morning, I knew she would be asking for it--I lightly tossed it down the stairs.  And it bounced.  And the handle broke off of it.  I was a bit frustrated at that...but, she looked up at me, I looked at her...and we both laughed.  This morning, she said "remember when you threw your brush down and it broke? that was hillarious!"  (She pronounces it like HILLllllaaaarioussss).  Guess we both need new (round) brushes!

  • The other evening, I took him out to drive.  I forgot my cell phone.  I also forgot how much patience is required for a first time driver.  I did fine. He did fine...he also was in a good mood. Which means that while he unsteadily drives around a block for a few times, he is randomly stating story titles from the Scary Stories collection.  As my stomach goes into my throat, as he almost runs over a curb and narrowly misses a parked car.  I patiently, softly, point out that he should be paying attention.  He says he is.  (I think he is, actually).  I wish I hadn't forgotten my cell phone....and then we are done and I drive us home.

  • Monday is our wedding anniversary...24 years! Its amazing how long and how short that feels. We have been having a very hectic 2017 so far, lots of work and worry for both of us.  We are a great team together--but it means sometimes, especially with our kids, we don't always have time for each other.  I am so lucky that he is such a great father to our children.  I think we just need to be better about carving out time for ourselves.  Maybe re-instituting a monthly night out...starting this Sunday--anniversary dinner at an Italian restaurant

  • BTVS is 20 years old.  Seriously?  Such an influential show for our family.  She would not be named what she is named without this show.  Well, anniversary present for us--EW magazine with that Buffy photo shoot!  

  • And then there is this:
    From a Buffy convention...a long, long time ago...when CosPlayers were not identified as such...

  • I have paperwork a plenty to fill out and copy, etc. There are summer camps and studies and applications all sorts of things on my plate...and trying to keep my head above water...although I am starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel...perhaps a good summer ahead....

  • In one of those often occurring instances when the boy is so much like me, but yet he doesn't realize it...his History Fair project is about burial practices throughout history.  (I cannot wait until I can someday really explore my ghoulish side with him again...)
  • Father and son are enjoying watching "Iron Fist" together.  Daughter is watching "I...Zombie", which we haven't seen the second season that should be interesting...


Friday, March 24, 2017

Moments - Coming and Going

A month from today, Willow turns Nine!  Nine!  Wow.


One of my proudest, most important achievements in my life are my children.  I know they are not perfect.  I know I am not perfect.  But I am so very happy to have them, through good and bad, through happy and sad...through frustrations, awkwardness and brilliance.  They astound me with their growth, with their wonderfulness of being my children.


Spring is not really here yet. We did not have much of a winter, so we cannot complain...much...but I am ready to see the flowers and buds again.  Spring is short here in New England, but it usually feels me with a sense of renewal, and especially with the political climate lately, I need that.


So many things going on, trying to enjoy things while also keeping on top of all the moving parts...can sometimes seem overwhelming.


Perfect Moment:   Multiple times last night, Michael hugged Willow.  Nice big, brotherly he used to. I don't know if he senses she needed it, but it was wonderful to see.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


It seems like lack of motion, especially since spring has taken a back seat to cold temps and a snowstorm... But we do have somethings happening...Some good, some bad...Mostly good.

New water heater this weekend...Not great in the money department, but after a few days of cold showers, it was nice to have a nice hot shower this Saturday!  

Willow was sick for a couple of days...One of which was a snow day...Which she slept through.

Speaking of snow...Our plow guy decided to have a fit...So see had no plow guy...And Michael, Chewy and I shoveled...wet, heavy snow.

Tonight I had a pleasant experience where Michael helped me make dinner (red rice and fish).  I know he has home living skills at school (they have them cook lunches for the other students, etc.)...But he doesn't always do these type of things at home.  I want to do that more.

Willow is behind on her piano homework...And we have a busy weekend ahead.
sick girl yesterday...

Killing time...

Things I have been doing lately: Job hunting Cuddling with cats Worrying about the world at large Worrying about Michael's future...