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$150? Really?

How to spend $150 at Target very quickly (all for Michael):

- new winter coat

- new backpack (cuz the one we bought was the pull luggage type, which is great, except he pulled it around EVERYWHERE at school, and it got worn down within a month) (I actually like the new one—and it was on sale!—its Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles—and NOT pull type)

- winter pjs (just one pair, so far)

- two pairs of pants

- Tide (well, this one is also for everyone)

- Batteries

Yep, that ole dollar don't stretch as much as it used to!

Oh, and just for fun--this is the costume Michael is going to wear for Halloween (its called "Emperor of Evil")

Battlestar Galatica - FRIDAY!

The third season starts on Friday, and it looks like it will be another nail biting season! There are webisodes up on, dealing with the resistence.

Michael Second Grade

A little movie I made at Jumpcut.Happy School Year!

Cape Cod Log - 2006

Sunday August 27th--Went to Seamist in the rain. Arrived with Tom in tow. We had Chinese for dinner and played Munchkin Fu.

Monday August 28th -- Went to Hyannis and went to the Cape Cod potato chip factory. Had lirpa's. Watched Doogal. Swam in the pool.

Tuesday August 29th -- Went to Provincetown, still somewhat rainy (got worse) and the Pirate cruise was cancelled because the engine blew out on the boat. Got a refund, gave Michael $5 of it. Climbed the Pilgrim Monument. Hung around in the shops, etc. waiting for the Sunset Dune trip--then realized there was not going to be a sunset--so, rescheduled.

Wednesday August 30th -- FINALLY the sun! Went to Eastham/Wellfleet. Michael rode his bike. We played mini golf at Pizza Barn and had great pizza. We "bet" and I lost--had to watch Greatest American Hero; Brad lost--had to swim the length of the pool. Tom won. Michael played great. Played in the arcade. Had dinner at Eastham Lobster Pool. Then went to the campf…

Social Swirl?

So, plans for this long weekend are piling up and I am kinda feeling like there is this social swirl that is encompassing everything I do. And, while I love hanging out with friends, I am most comfortable with my inner circle (husband, son, perhaps one more). Yet again I am confronted with my ultimate longing to be alone, but yet be a part. I know one has to do these things to expand friendships, etc. especially since we live so far from our families...but, I guess even though I can feel isolated, its usually a good isolated.


Trying out, although a bit clunky, have made a couple small movies. Perhaps this long weekend I can really give it a spin. Also try to get it linked here.

Latest Links I have found interesting:

Meanwhile, moment of Zen:


My son lost his first tooth this month, and now I am really starting to see him growing up. The new tooth is growing in its place, just as a new person is growing into my baby's place. Its exciting, bittersweet, joyous, puzzling and while I may sometimes miss those times when I could easily snuggle him, I would not change anything. He is growing and so must I.

As for "Lost" the show--finally getting into it. As usual, I don't like following the trends, so I waited until MANY people kept telling me this show would be for me. I don't think its a masterpiece, but it has kept me watching. I am through the first season, starting the second...

And, I am still finding myself Lost in my own life..working through it, but its still something I find frustrating and depressing sometimes.

Battlestar Galatica - Our world in a nutshell

I don't watch a lot of T.V. programs, but my current favorites are "The L Word" (hey, its lesbian soap!), "Arrested Development" (hey, its so intelligent and wacky, time to be canceled!) and "Battlestar Galatica".

Often, science fiction shows are able to discuss topics within our society today in a way that is distant enough to give us some fresh outlook. A recent episode brought up abortion rights, for example, if humanity was down to about 50,000 people, would abortion help to bring the destruction of mankind, and would laws to prevent abortion enable popluation growth? In general, this show, like Babylon 5, has a general message of communicating the differing views and what they could potentially mean for our society (in the time as well as in the future). I like smart t.v.


Still sluggin through life and trying to get a handle on it. I keep having dreams that have strange meanings, like the one with a man going ballistic and chopping up his family (yep, that dream disturbed even me). Just now, taking a nap, I had a dream about being on an airplane, and several seats behind me was my Grammie (but I only saw her forhead, and then woke up). Things are still troubling me, and I can't quite grasp all of it. Life is fun, things are fine, despite some sickness, family has been fine. Working through the troubles we have--its life. But I am still unsure of where I am going. Not sure if I ever will.

New Year, Same Problems

Holidays are over, but seems their bright glow did not diminish the grey smudge-ness of life for very long. It's now 2006 and I am not so sure I am happy about that. While its wonderful to watch my son grow, its also a bit bittersweet, especially since our attempts at having another child have not been successful (yet). So, planning his birthday party, while fun, can also be perplexing. How did I get to this point in my life and where am I going are thoughts that sometimes creep in. I am satisfied with my life, I am grateful for what I have and who I am...just sometimes the edges seem to be coming unglued...

I have a feeling that most of my feelings are directly tied to the world and how I just can not seem to fathom the incredible ineptness of our "leadership". The elections of 2000 and 2004 just sapped all the positive energy I had for human beings...I can not understand how scandal after scandal after scandal can happen, but NOTHING is done about it. After Katri…