Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ceilings and Yards and Cars and Rashes and Outbursts, Oh My!

The past couple of weeks have had a little extra chaos thrown into the mix.

We had trimmed a whole bunch of limbs and shrubs towards the end of last year. And there were some limbs that were down because of the harsh winter. So, we decided to have a lawn service come by and do a spring clean up. The young kid (I say kid, he was probably 25 or so--when did I get so old that that is a "kid"?) who came by did a great job--and also found poison ivy. So, and extra hundred dollars for him to spray for that (and ticks)...figured it was worth it since the kids play out there constantly. (Now if we could get grass to grow under the giant tree....)

And there was a contractor out to rip up the ceiling in the downstairs bathroom...cuz the toilet upstairs is leaking...that is for the plumber to deal with next week (he was already out last week, figuring that the problem was the shower....we hoped so too...). So, no use of the upstairs toilet--I know, cuz this morning I forgot and flushed it....and water came down. Yep, fun! Luckily, I think all the water damage is minor--no mold or anything (we hope)...just needing to dry out.

And the new car--I got into an accident this weekend. A fender scratcher (not even worth to call a fender bender). Just enough to have to call the insurance and have to take it to be repaired. Minor bumper damage that will probably cost a couple hundred to "bump" back in.

Two calls from school yesterday while I was at, the Boy decided he wanted to take the bait from some bullies and he had an outburst that was inappropriate, which made him have to spend the rest of the day in the office. And then pre-k called saying the Girl had some type of rash on her face but no temp....oh, and I was busy at work and juggling that and, oh yeah, summer camp tution! [sigh]


So, to Recap:

--we are down to one toilet until mid-week next week
--we have no ceiling in the downstairs bathroom
--our yard is Clean! and Itch free!
--Michael has to get through 8th more month!
--Willow was fine (?) and maybe she is allergic to Whisk laundry soap?
--major busy at work, needing a break
--Michael is all set for some fun summer camps
--Chewy's new job is going well (yes, new new job--been there for 2 weeks)
--I can't wait for the weekend cuz we are going away in search of Dinosaurs!

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