Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Movie stuff

Saw a great movie two nights ago and then a good movie last night, both interesting looks into psychology and our world.

Unfortunately, while I am at work and using a mac, I can't fully access my html stuff, but here is a link for information on "Pans Labyrinth" which I thoroughly enjoyed.


It was disturbing, but not in the sense that one would think, not in the sense of the creatures and fairy tale-ness of it (although pretty ghastly images there), but in the way humans can be towards one another.

Then, last night I saw "Idiocracy", which is a movie most people have not heard of. The movie studio practically put the project back on the shelf, something about not being "patriotic" or some such crap. Below is a link about this movie:


(Yes, I like rottentomatoes...also like ruinedendings)

Idiocracy also was about the way humans can be towards one another and was a very disturbing satire of modern life.

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