Saturday, May 03, 2008

Ahh..the hormones kicking in...

Got my first taste of the "baby blues" today. Feeling overwhelmed and freaked most of the day--luckily MIL was here to take the brunt of baby today, as I went out with husband and son to "Iron Man" movie. It's been rainy here since I got home from the hospital, and I am sure that hasn't helped my mood, but it definately was the same feelings I had last time when I had postpartum depression. I have been fearing this for some time since the pregnancy hit third trimester and I could see we were actually going to have her. The first six weeks of Michael's life, I was a total mess emotionally and since postpartum depression was not even talked about during my preparations for my first child, I was totally sideswiped when it hit me and did not seek any help. This time I am a little more prepared for it, but I was actually hoping that maybe, just maybe, I wouldn't be hit with it. Because of my depression, I can't seem to sleep during the day, but so far the sleep depravition has not set in yet,(mainly cuz husband and MIL are here--not sure how I will cope next week when they are not here). But, it seems I am going to take my MIL's advice and contact my OB office on Monday to see if I can help forestall least I know to get some help this time.

I hate hormones! :-)

Physically, I am doing fine: my incision is looking good, down to my normal menstrual pads, feeling some energy coming back. Things that also add to my mood--I hate not being able to exercise or drive my own car! I hate not being in control!

Willow is doing fine--sleeps during day, wakeful at night...(damn!) She's found her hands and loves to suck on her fingers. Does the cutest "O" with her mouth.

Michael is very cute with her, loves to pick her up, feel her sucking on her pacifier, etc.

Trying to get my pictures off of my video camera...hope to post more pictures of Willow.


Ana said...

I'll try and swing by sometime next weekend. Hope things work well chatting with the doc!

Dr. Grumbles said...

When you feel those blues, be sure to talk/blog about it! You don't want to keep that in!

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