Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Plan 2010: May Update

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For convenience, here are the goals I listed at the start of the Plan, with my updates:

Physical Health

1. Lose and keep off the baby weight

Have lost 15 lbs so far; some set backs, but it seems I am the turtle* and the weight is staying off...

2. Take vitamins Big ole' CHECK

3. Become more active Big ole' CHECK

4. Maintain my morning exercise routine; expand it to working out of WiiFit at night for at least 15 mins.

I have expanded my morning routine to 40 mins., maintained for 3 weeks so far; I have done WiiFit or Cardio Work out on average 3 nights a week for approx. 15 mins. each time.

5. Brush and floss my teeth more often

Got the brushing down, working on the feels weird after I do it...

Mental Well Being

1. Re-start our Family Meetings – try to make them bi-weekly

Did one Family Meeting; have not gotten them to be bi-weekly, but I do know that we are talking more as a family about family goals. And the goals we have set (like limits on video and television time, have actually been enforced).

2. Simplify (Throw things AWAY)

Working on this; slowly cleaning out the basement; this weekend we did a major project of updating/re-arranging the children's bedrooms; still need to go through the excess of TOYS and other stuff we have accumlated through the years, but I do think this past month has been great for this.

3. Use alone time to relax, not just to get things done

Still find this very hard; although I have read tons of books recently, I do find that most times I find something that "needs" to get done, instead of relaxing...hoping that while June is going to be busy, part of the busy is going on vacation and I am looking forward to some RELAXATION big time...

4. Take a step back from situations that frustrate me, try to use patience.

Actually, I have been very good about this. Umm...still swearing a bit more than I should...and there are times that I am really about ready to throttle _______ (insert toddler; pre-teen; and/or husband), but I am doing quite well (just don't ask them their opinion on that!)

5. Make more of an effort to connect with people Big ole' CHECK to the point of finding that I am often OVERBOOKED...


1. Save more, waste less

Working on this; kinda hard sometimes when life is going 90 miles per hour, but I have found that the Slow Cooker has helped to make it less likely that I will order take out...

2. Make an effort to spend more alone time with my husband

This is pretty much a FAIL for this past month...he has been working long hours, and when he is not, the children are around. This past month Michael has been having troubles sleeping, so he has come downstairs 80% of the time past 10 p.m.--usually about the time we were really getting ready to have some alone time. Hopefully June will be better...

3. Use our babysitter once a month; try to utilize other people for babysitting

Got our babysitter; other people are usually unavailable or too far away, but we are working on it...

4. Complain less

Who, me, complaining?!

5. Enjoy what I have; quit worrying about what I do not have

Working on it...

6. Scrapbook more

Got some good scrapbooking time, but want more!


1. Re-start family gaming night/afternoon (?)

Willow is too relentless for this goal as of yet. Maybe this summer...

2. Cut back on the computer/video game ratio in the household

Big ole' CHECK, although I tend to be more slack during summer vacation

3. Involve the kids more in food preparation

Um, another fail...although if it counts that lately they are eating me out of house and home--that is a win.

* versus I am the walrus (which I more resemble)

June Goals:

Relax; have fun; keep exercising; eat better; enjoy my children and husband more; get outside as often as possible; relax; keep up with above goals.


Kristin said...

I'm really impressed with how well you are doing.

Anonymous said...

Way to go with the 15 pounds! You are doing great.

Photogrl said...

Looks like May was a very good month!

Woo-hoo on the 15 pounds...nothing wrong with being the turtle!

kimbosue said...

Overall looks like a great month!

Killing time...

Things I have been doing lately: Job hunting Cuddling with cats Worrying about the world at large Worrying about Michael's future...