Photo Friday: Black & White

I have been wanting to participate in Calliope's Photo Fridays for a while -- so finally, I am doing so.

This week's theme, black & white, is one of my favorites. I love the textures that come out. And you can tell I love B&W a lot as my header photo is a wonderful print from a recent photo shoot.

Here is an old photo (from 2 years ago) of Michael in his Halloween Costume. I like how the B&W makes it even more creepier. I love how it shows off the texture of the lace.

To find more information about photo Fridays (as well as the code for a sidebar or post graphic) you can go here.


Suzy said…
That's awesome. I love it!
Kristin said…
How frickin cool is!
MrsSpock said…
Calliope said…
bwha ha ha!!! I can't even imagine this photo in color!

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