Couple weekends ago, took the kids bowling. I think it was the second time Willow has ever been in a bowling alley, first time she took an interest. This is kind of unfamilar bowling to us--its candlepin bowling, very New England, versus the midwest BIG bowling balls/pins that my husband and I are used to. But for the kids, its perfect. And Willow LOVED it! (and she scored better than me--beginners luck!)

Her biggest problem was that sometimes she did not throw hard enough, so the ball SLOWLY went down the lane...and sometimes just stopped. A few times Michael needed to walk down the lane to get the ball, sometimes I threw another ball to hit it like billards.

It had been about a year since we did "real" bowling (Wii Bowling--I kick ass!). It was fun and I will have to remember to take them more often!


kimbosue said…
I am sure Miles will love does involve a ball you know.
Kristin said…
That looks like so much fun.
Martha said…
The kids look like they are having so much Fun. I have never heard of NE type bowling, hmm, learn something new everyday.
~Jess said…
I think that's the type of bowling we have least it looks like it.

Glad you guys had fun: I haven't been bowling in ages.
MrsSpock said…
Haha...that's so bad the toddler whooped you at bowling. I am so bad, she probably could whoop me too.

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