Thursday, May 20, 2010

Status of Life in the Household

Gabrielle – (Otherwise known as “the Cat” “kitty cat!” “cat down” “hey, Gabby” “down!” “don’t” “kitty…kitty…kitty”): She has gotten a nervous habit of licking herself in her nether regions—to the point there is no hair down there. Not that one doesn’t mind the grooming—but the extra hairballs ain’t so fun. Reading up on this condition, we think she is a bit bored/anxious/not getting enough exercise. So, it has been finally agreed upon—Gabby needs a friend (this was a tough one to get Husband on board for—I had originally wanted to get Michael a kitten for his birthday this year). So, we are going to adopt another cat, preferably another shelter cat, preferably a 6 month old kitten. Probably wait until after our annual vacation to Cape Cod…

Congo – (Otherwise known as “the Turtle” “the Forgotten One”) – Needs some new food. And wants a cleaned tank—will he get it this weekend? Who knows? (Oh, and those claws need to be trimmed!)

Michael – (Otherwise known as “Michael, Michael…Michael…are you listening? Michael? Michael….”): School is winding down, and summer approaches. But, before school is over this year, the touring of the MIDDLE school has to occur. I just got a notice yesterday about a Parent meeting with the Middle School principal to talk about the transition of the 5th graders to 6th grade. Michael needs to practice his clarinet more and work on his Fantasy World project (a school project based on the class reading of Bridge to Terabitha). Looking forward to summer—he has a Wizards and Warriors Gaming camp that he is going to for July and this weekend we bought him (at the Ren Faire, of course) an elfin cloak and swashbuckler hat (with feather!). Now he just has to start thinking about his character he wishes to play….

Willow – (Otherwise known as “Willow Dillow” “Squishy Girl” “get down from there!” “Oh, Please Child!” “good lord, Willow, did you have to get into that?!!”): She is having issues with wanting things she can’t have. Like being outside ALL THE TIME. Like wearing shoes that cause her blisters. Like having things to eat and drink that only grown ups have. Basically—she is two years old and loving it! Her goals for this summer—swing as much and as many times as she can; discover bugs and put them in things; and to get into EVERYTHING.

Me & Husband – Hanging in there, little bits of sanity leaking out our ears. We are trying to clean up the house a bit (recycling, getting rid of and generally letting go of various things hoarded away), make minor and major-ish repairs, while the chaos is going on all around us. (Oh and work too)

This weekend, husband is being Game Master for a Role Playing game; Saturday I am going to an all day Scrapbooking session…and then Sunday, we are going to go to a TMBG’s concert. So, yeah--we still have good priorities -- having fun despite the chaos!

Good weekend everyone!


Heather said...

Enjoy the chaos...I figure that gives me the perfect excuse to have a disastrous house most days! ;)

kimbosue said...

Have fun despite the chaos! Now that is a motto to live by!

Kristin said...

Your family sounds a lot like mine...absolutely fabulous!

Suzy said...

Love it! Sounds like everyone is doing great.

Can't wait to hear about the new kitten you get to bring home soon.