Friday, November 25, 2011

30 Posts in 30 Days - Day 25

I have decided to once again participate in November. To read more about NaBloPoMo please click HERE.

Because we have a lot planned this weekend, we are putting our decorations up today. Our tradition is usually for the Saturday after Thanksgiving, but a day earlier is not a biggie.

The weird thing of it is...well, usually I am all hyper about getting the decorations up and getting going on it first thing. And well, I came home from Thanksgiving dinner at our friend's house...and promptly saw my T-day dinner in a bucket (ahem).

So, slow start to the day. I think I am fine (at 50%) but considering the most we are doing is going to the Muppets movie...I am fine.

Started off late on the decorating. And then some friends of Michael's came by. And then they wanted to go off to the park. And since we want to encourage Michael's social skills/connections as often as he went.

So that left me and Willow and reluctant Chewy. Willow and I have dug into one of the boxes and have done some discovering and re-discovering. It is so amazing to watch her look at each decoration and our wealth of holiday books. So I slowed it down so I could watch her enjoy. And I had semi-forgotten all the new things I had bought at the end of the season last year (doesn't it seem like I was just putting these things away!?).

So, it is 1 p.m. and we haven't gotten the tree up yet. Michael is out somewhere, Willow is looking at holiday books. Chewy is taking a nap. And while I hate the fact that there are boxes and a disassembled tree on my living room floor right now (I hate clutter, even though my life seems to perpetuate it)...I am fine with that.

Let the holidays come slowly this year.



St Elsewhere said...

Well, let them be. It sounds like kids are enjoying themselves. Glad Willow is loving those holiday books.

Take Care.

Jenn said...

I can't wait to do that next year with Isaac. He's just now starting to notice things, so hopefully he'll at least get some joy from the lights on the tree! We're putting ours up tomorrow (I hope!).