Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day 27 - I guess I cannot escape it...

the Holiday Season is upon us! And I am finally starting to get some Holiday spirit along with that. I have most of my shopping already done (hey, Black Friday--I scoff at you in September)!

Yesterday we watched Rudolph and Heat Miser (aka Year Without A Santa Claus) and then went into the the town center for the big Holiday festival that is held annually. This year we were pleasantly attired and were quite warm. Last year we were freezing ourselves silly.

This year we did the hay ride around the town square, and watched the ice sculptures being made (quickly or else they were going to melt) and had some clam chowder from the Cub Scouts and fried dough from the Lion's Club. Willow and Michael feed llamas, goats and sheep at the petting farm. Oh and a glimpse of Santa Claus (Willow wanted to gate crash instead of standing in a long line).

A girl said "Hi Michael!" and Michael silently skulked away saying that he hated her. And Chewy noted that that silent "Angel like broody thing" is working for the boy (it really seems to, this happens a lot in public places--girls saying hi to him, I mean).

We also got to see the town square decorations and lights.

Speaking of decorations, here are some pictures of ours:

One of our Hanukkah decorations. (Starts December 20th this year)


Santa, of course--and Chewy's head--yeah, he has hit Santa and his reindeer a lot already.

Part of the tree--we are very eclectic with our ornaments, especially with special ones. And, of course, I have lost control of making it look "right" cuz I let the children put them on. (Oh my the fights to put on the garlands on...and Willow kept putting decorations on...and then off...and then on...and then playing with them...and Michael "correcting" her choices of putting things places...and then exclaiming he was TIRED and were we done yet....but I digress...)

Another picture of the tree. Santa hat as a topper.

Now the fun part of having the decorations and the tree--trying to keep the cats (KIF!) and Willow from destroying them! (And this is why some of our decorations stay in the box this year!)


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