Saturday, November 12, 2011

30 Posts in 30 Days - Day 12

Michael is in the in-between stage between child and young adult/teen. For example, a while back we were at the mall and he saw a sister and brother coming from Bui.ld A They had made stuffed animals and dressed them up as Princess Leia and Darth Vader. He mentioned that he thought we should take Willow there sometime soon and do the same. I said "sure, sometime" and left it at that. BAB can be expensive and it is an indulgence that I felt we did not need.

Until yesterday. With both kids home for the holiday, our plans changed with the weather...and my suggestion of places included the Mall. (I was thinking the play area for small kids in the food court). Immediately Michael reminded me of the Bui.ld A plan.

And I found myself taking them to an overcrowded mall to go get expensive stuffed animals.

I justified it by saying it is an early Hannukah present for each of them.

And he is not getting any younger.

And they are kids...and sometimes you need to indulge.

After getting them dressed up.

Willow did not get one dressed as a Star Wars character--they only had Darth and Jedi's and she wanted--well, she wanted PRETTY. So, she got a dog, she dressed in a white snowflake dress--name is Jack.

Jack is very happy to hang out with Willow.

Michael, of course, got a Bunny Rabbit that Roars and dressed him up in Darth Vader clothes.

Name is Darth Cutie Pie. (He is so my son)


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