Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 13 - Dentist!

Yesterday Willow went to the Dentist for the 2nd time. Well, technically the first time since this was the time he actually counted her teeth and brushed her teeth.

We have had the same Dentist since we moved out here in 1993. I like him a lot. One of my favorite things about him is that he is genuinely a nice guy. He owns a farm, he likes to keep bees, he enjoys life and is a good person to recommend a good restaurant in the area. And he loves his job and enjoys kids. And he thoroughly enjoyed giving Willow her check up!

First, big brother Michael went. I thought I would be in the waiting room with Willow, but the Dentist asked if Willow could "help" him. So, she went in with daddy and Michael. And I could hear him asking her where he had to put things, showing her "Mr. Thirsty" and joking with her and Michael.

At Michael's check up the Dentist decided he was old enough to have some x-rays done--so Willow and daddy left the room. After he developed the x-rays, he let Michael look at them too. He took the time to explain things to the always inquisitive Michael. Michael has no cavities, but still has some baby teeth (two have recently fell out), with grown up teeth slowing emerging under them. I got to see the x-rays too, and it was very cool to see those teeth underneath other teeth.

Then it was Willow's turn. Michael and I stayed in the room. Again the Dentist asked her where did he put his gloves...on his elbows? His ears? Oh, right--on his hands! And the mask? Oh, it doesn't go on his ear--or the top of his head like a hat--oh, no it goes on his nose and mouth!

He counted her teeth and said they were great and coming in fine! She got to pick out what flavor of toothpaste (bubble gum) and he brushed her teeth, giving her breaks to use the water and cup and spit into the little sink like she had seen her big brother do.

Oh and of course, the kids got treasures---a new toothbrush for each (Princess & the Frog one for Willow) and a Scooby Doo Sticker--and a treasure from the treasure box! (Michael got a whoopee cushion, Willow got a bracelet that she has been constantly wearing ever since then).

Here are a couple of blurry pics from my cell phone:

Willow sucking and making noises with "Mr. Thirsty".

After the tooth brushing--and spitting the water out (and wiping herself with the dental bib--and making it into a hat)

PLEASE NOTE: Both Chewy and I asked about her thumb sucking--and the Dentist said that we shouldn't worry about it until she reaches six years old (if she is still doing it at that point). It is not affecting her teeth at all right now. (so, pffft to that Sub.way counter guy who wouldn't give Willow her cookie until she took her thumb out of her mouth!)


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