Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 14 - Weekend Snippets

They play with the stuffed animals and she directs the play. Occasionally I hear him ask if he really has to play the part of the "baby" to her "mommy". The fun part is when she switches gears--and somehow they are now superheroes and werewolves. To hear him rev up with the new direction is fun. I wonder that a near four year old somehow has figured out a near thirteen year old's interests.


EVERYTHING is family sets. Even grapes. She finds an extremely small grape in the group. And holds it and shows me. She exclaims "how cute!" and then says she wants to put it in water so it can grow. I explain how that won't work. And then she plucks off a small grape and says that it is it's brother. And then a bigger grape...the mother. She holds them in her hands, the baby, brother and mom. I finally ask her if she wants me to get a cup to put them in. She hold the cup for about an hour. Then she disappears for a while. I find out that she has distributed the grapes. The baby grape is in her room; brother grape in her brother's room; the mom grape in my room. (mom and brother eliminated those grapes a while ago--the baby grape is still in her room...I am kinda afraid to throw it away yet)


Big brother piggy back rides, give way (after he swears he cannot do it anymore) to a big brother tickle fest that is joined by me. He is not as ticklish as he used to be. But his sister and I find a way.


Spontaneously, she decides that she wants to direct the seating at the dinner table. She decides to set the table (she has NEVER done this before). I help her finish it off. And then later I see her taking napkins out and trying to fold them into something to decorate each place. (I hope she does this at Thanksgiving--it is cute as pie!)


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