Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Day 8

Last evening I got a call from Michael's after school care. (Well, after school care when I am working--right now I pick him up from school). They called because they wanted to let me know that if we decide to have him go back to after school, they are not going to be able to transport him his school to their facility. This really puts a kink into the system, because, obviously, if I could transport him--I wouldn't need after school care.

This puts me in a weird situation. First off--nothing is really changed at the moment--I still don't have a job. BUT. I have a really good prospect or two (including an interview Tomorrow) and if any of those actually take fruit and I get offered a job, I have to scramble to find after school care for him. (Not to mention having to enroll him a new program, etc.--oh, the paperwork!)

Before he went to this place (which is the same place he went to for a month for summer camp this year), he was at an after school program where he ended up getting bullied. So, I am definitely not putting back to that program.

I love the fact that I find a perfect spot for him...and now I have to find somewhere else! Especially since he is on the edge of not having to have after school care at all. (I figured once he went to high school I would just have him come home from school on his own). Right now, I just cannot see my almost 13 year old being home alone for almost 4 hours.

So, I have to see if I can either arrange transportation for him somehow to this program which I love and he loves; or I have to find another program. At the moment I think we will end up having to change his after school program, but he will still go to the other place for vacations and one month of summer camp.

I think this especially is a vexing problem for me because he needs more social outlets because of his social issues and I was already feeling bad that he was not going to this after school program because of my lay off. And now even if we find after school care for him, it will probably not as adequately fulfill that social need.

The good news is that our doctor recently gave me a listing of social skills groups to call for extra help in this area. So I guess there is more that I need to do on that front too.


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St Elsewhere said...

All the best for your job interview. I hope you get the job.

Sorry about M having to consider dropping out of the program. I hope it will get resolved soon.

Also yay at your doc giving you a listing of social skills groups.