There is always time...

Trying to get him to bed so that I can go down to get the kitchen cleaned up. It's been a long night and I just want to get that one thing done so that I can finally relax after the long day.

But. He is supposed to read at least 20 mins. a night for school. He is reading The Time Machine by H.G. Wells (I bought it for him a while ago and he picked this book above all others to read).

Now he suggests that he read it out loud to me. (I hate being read to--I really like the feel of the words drifting past my eyes, I like to be in control) I hesitate and then say I really have to get downstairs to do stuff. His expression shows his dissapointment. I instantly feel like scum and I try to take back what I said. At first he says it is okay, I should go ahead and leave.

I then sit down and tell him that I do want to hear him read this book, one of my favorites. He reads to me. He has an interesting reading voice, at first faltering over some of the bigger words, he has a small voice. But there is authority there, and you can tell that he is enjoying reading this to me. He reads "against" with an accent that sounds almost British. I want him to say "against" again and again. The kitten comes up on my lap and purrs and nuzzles me. I am happy for this perfect moment that I almost missed.

There is always time.


serenity said…
This is so sweet. I'm glad, too, that you were able to sit down and be read to.

I love your description of this moment. I feel like I am right there with you.

So lovely.
DaisyGal said…
that..right there, was a simple and beautiful and heartwarming post.

JJ said…
So sweet--I needed this reminder...
its great you took advantage of living in the moment :)
Kristin said…
What a beautiful moment. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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