Monday, November 01, 2010

Motivation - Or How Punching Bears Inspires Me to Work Out

Every morning I get up and get on my stationary bike. And I look forward to it (GASP!) Why? Cuz I gots my secret weapon--DVDs!! My carrot in the morning is Babylon 5 and I am greatly enjoying reliving this television series (before B5, I have re-watched all the New Dr. Who's). Unfortunately, I am almost at an end of the series...I have to come up with another one...I was thinking Angel...see, it has to be something I look forward to. Something that I will be wanting to watch more I will get my 40-45 mins on my bike and mini-stepper in the mornings. (Sometimes I miss it on the weekends...its that good of motivation)

As for my other motivating work out--I punch bears. Or air. I love my WiiFit, but I especially love my Gold's Gym Cardio WorkOut. One of the exercises is a Roadwork run--on a wooded path, where every so often you stop...and "cardboard" Bears pop up and you punch them. (Oh, and be careful, sometimes a person pops up--and although his expression makes you want to punch him...if you do, you lose 10 seconds on your time!) I usually do the Wii in the evenings, 2-3 times a week--usually when the kids are asleep...although one time I did do it while they were up. And Willow then took out a Wii remote (no batteries in it) and ran along with me. And kept shouting--BEARS!! (her favorite animal)

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Suzy, Not a Fertile Myrtle said...

You are so inspirational to do the cardio every day! I so need to do that and keep my heart young like yours!

What a great carrot you dangle every morning!

Miss K said...

I love Angel! I especially love the early episodes. Why did they get rid of the detective character? I liked her.....

Kristin said...

Have you watched Torchwood? If not, you HAVE to. Torchwood is incredible and Captain Jack can raise anyone's heart rate.

Photogrl said...

Good for you to bike everyday! I wish I could find motivation to do that.

I can just see Willow shouting "bears"... how fun!