Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Microblog Monday (On Tuesday)

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Being Social.  Being Social.  It is not my thing usually.  Which is not to say I do not want to spend time with people.  Or that there are times when I lament feeling lonely.  Or that there are times when I have great times with my friends.

But.  Being Social for the sake of doing so--because our son needs help dealing with social situations.  Because our daughter needs to have play dates with other kids her age.  Because we are expected to be there.

I love new experiences, do not really love meeting new people--although I have been pushing myself and my family to be more social.  

It was successful this weekend.  We met with new people, and Michael found someone he "clicked" with - so much so that we met with them again on Monday.  We met up with some not-so-new friends that we have started really enjoying hanging out with and that was fun!  We went to a BBQ on Sunday.

That was what this long weekend was about.  Being Social.  And it was exhausting!!

I need a break from being social now...the introvert in me needs to just be on the couch and read.  

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mother's Day Recap

This is what Michael gave me for Mother's Day.  For a teenage boy, who doesn't always know how to express his emotions--he did so especially well!

Willow also gave me a wonderful gift, a wonderful essay on how I was a Super Mom.  ;-)

Ice cream for breakfast, Chewy's wonderful Hallah French Toast!

Then, Japanese Steakhouse for dinner!

It was relaxing and very much appreciated!

(Next time Laser Tag, though!)


Saturday, May 09, 2015

Time Traveling

Tonight we watched the Spongebob Movie (the original).  It was Willow's first time watching.

We haven't watched this movie in years.  In fact, it has been years since we have watched a Spongebob episode.  Until recently.  For some reason, Willow has become interested in it.  And she has the best archive to watch it from....Michael LOVED Spongebob.  He watched every episode he could when he was younger.  He has almost every DVD.  

So, here we are, 11 years later...all watching a movie that most of us have seen multiple times.  And it is wonderful.  And nostalgic.  We remember the time we went took five year old Michael to see it.  We remember the soundtrack being played through out the next year (its actually a great soundtrack).  

Back there in time...and there was our young man there remembering with us, explaining his perspectives.  And then we are brought back to the present...with Willow's peels of laughter.  

I was getting kinda tired of the Spongebob marathons lately....but now....oh, heck...I don't mind.  They are only young once...

Thanks, Spongebob!

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