Friday, November 28, 2014

Thankful and Cautiously Optimistic

We seem to have faced a lot of transitional changes the past couple years.  Every time we try to stabilize and get to normal...we seem to have something happen to mess with that fragile stableness.

I understand there is the whole change thing that happens.  I am more than able to adapt to changes, but it seems that we haven't caught a lot of breaks when it comes to those changes...

So, we are on the brink of getting to the end of a couple of turbulent journeys...which are really new chances to get to that "normal".

And while I am happy and hopeful...there is that part of me that just cannot believe that things will go smoothly.  Waiting for the other shoe to drop seems to be my go-to mind set.

Cautiously optimistic that Chewy's new job opportunity will grant him the rewards that he so deserves.  That this new job is one that we can all count on.  (And that he does not overwork himself in the process)

Cautiously optimistic that the school(s) we are hoping to place Michael in will provide him with not only academic challenges but more importantly, provide him a positive place to grow, learn and enjoy life and friends.

Both of these transitions are still in process.  Chewy has to go through a background check.  The schools still have to receive our referral package and we have to tour the schools, etc.

We are still in limbo...but there is hope that soon, that perhaps...2015 will be a better year for them and for our family as a whole.

And those are things I can be thankful for this holiday season.


Monday, November 10, 2014

First Microblog - My failure to really write anything

Not sure what #MicroblogMondays is? Read the inaugural post which explains the idea and how you can participate too.

Sometimes it has been hard to find time to write here...sometimes I haven't been able to write what I wanted to write here...but I want to continue writing here. So...thought I would try to participate in Microblog Mondays for a bit!

Okay, I sat down in a quiet moment.  I was going to write about the stomach flu plague or Halloween or how time is going so quickly and its almost Thanksgiving. I was going to write and I even started a theme.  Then it became bullet points.

Then my son asked what I was doing.  And then my daughter wanted to know if she could have Ginger Ale even though it is close to her bedtime.  And one of the cats just walked across the keyboard.

So...I write nothing and everything.  My life is chaos sometimes.  But that is life.  And now I am going to live it.

Saturday, November 01, 2014

At the late-night... double feature... picture show

It is after 1 a.m. on Halloween...oh, wait, it is now November 1st....

We had a good Halloween.  It was a bit...different...or the same...or...well...

Last year it started.  We have two children who are at different ages and stages in their lives.   And before last year, Halloween still meant going out together as a family, Trick or Treating.  In the neighborhood.  (Or sometimes in someone else's neighborhood).

But...last year started it.  Last year, my fourteen year old stayed home with his father and watched Horror Movies...while the girl and I went to a friends house and Trick or Treated with a group of friends.

And it was good...but separate.  But at least at the end we got back together and did our traditional look around some neighborhoods and their decorations.

This year.  Well, the separate has been more separate.  It was good...aside from costume malfunctions (wigs just aren't that easy to maintain if you are running all over the place!) and a bag explosion.  But, right now...Willow is asleep. And Michael and Brad went off to a midnight movie.  Its good.  It is nice that he is getting this experience.  But...separate and I kinda miss my husband and son.  I would rather be eating popcorn and watching a scary movie (I am a scaredy-cat--not doing it by myself!)

So, I am up a lot later (or earlier...I guess) than I normally would be...and I have not spent Halloween like I would normally.  I guess a new stage/era has begun.  No longer can I son is growing up...and our family dynamic is growing and changing with that.  I know Michael feels this too--he still went out Trick or Treating for a bit tonight...those last grasps at childhood.

Meanwhile...we got one who is making those childhood memories.

Getting ready to go out:

After the Tricks and Treats:

The Haul!


Home again!

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