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She's Here! --- No, not Willow....

Not yet, anyways!

But Cibele (Due Date Sister previous post) had her daughter Lyla. Please go over and congratulate her and her husband Rob.

Give Some Hugs

There have been some hugelosses in the blogsphere recently. There has also been some wonderfulnewstoo.

This community has been there for it all and with help from some pretty special people. I don't point out sites that often because these people are out there keeping the community together ALL THE TIME.

Please go visit these sites and give 'em a big hug--let them know you care!

Please also visit my Due Date Sister, who is on bedrest soon to meet up with her daughter! She could use some support right now.

Go to your favorite blogs and give them a hug too! Let them know you care and are thankful that they are there. I know I am.

How’s That Sleeping at Night Thing Going for Ya?

Surprisingly enough my pregnancy has not been the major issue to my lack of sleep lately. Sure, I have had nights where I could not get comfortable, as I have had throughout this pregnancy. And yes, EXHAUSTION seems to be one of my major symptons this time around. But, really, so far it is not the pregnancy (unlike last time) that is keeping me from getting a good night’s sleep.

I’ve had bizarre dreams, a sick son staying up coughing, sinitus and my own phlem attacking me, a sick husband snoring and coughing, and recently, a bout of our son coming in at all hours of the night to sleep in our bed for a bit (we are not into the co-sleep thing, but occasionally its okay for him to come into our bed—we just try to move him back into his bed when we are not too exhausted). Oh, and I tend to not go to bed early. I try to. Honestly. But most nights, by the time I do all the things need to be done and then unwind, it is WAY after 11 p.m. So yeah, it’s partly my own fault. (Oh, and like…

April 25th - UPDATE: Uh, nope, its April 24th!


Obstetrician’s office just called and said they had to change the date for the C-Section. Now its Thursday, April 24th! Same time—9 a.m. (which means I get to be there by 7 a.m.)

One less day to wait! One month and 3 days to go!!! And it still seems to be too far away—

But yet, anxiety-wise, its starting to seem close! Worrying about practical things – Michael is pre-registered for Daycamp, but now he also has an all day Neuro Pysch testing (for his ADHD, social pragmatics issues) on that Tuesday (it takes 3-4 months to get this testing—and they schedule THAT WEEK?!?) and the Boys & Girls Club is closed on that Monday, and that leaves Wednesday and definitely not Thursday (which is a field trip day) and then what about Friday…hmm...maybe we will just not have him go to daycamp…not sure. Part of me wants to spend as much Michael and me time as we can before there won’t be just Michael and me time anymore, and part of me wants to have some ME only time before there will…


I've been tagged by Healing Arts!

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
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I think I have done this one before, but let's see if I can come up with 6 Pregnancy Related items:

1. I did not get morning sickness, but cravings have run rampant. My cravings have been Thai food, Big Macs and Chocolate Cake. Also, tunafish sandwiches (for a bit).

2. Not really into Belly Shots. Mainly because I am so conscious of my body and the fact that I am overweight. Having lost 70 lbs. recently I really am not into showing how I am gaining 25 lbs. back (even for a great cause)!

3. I refuse to buy maternity wear--mainly because for my size they all look like Muu Muus. I have lots of clothes right now that don't fit, but I also have clothes from when I was heavier, so I pretty much have been able to …

Work - Baby Shower

My work threw me a little baby shower with Thai food, really neat cupcakes, decorations, etc. It was a pleasant surprise and very heartwarming. Due to various circumstances, we never had a baby shower when I was pregnant with Michael, and it was very sweet and thoughtful this time around.

I already knew they were going to do something, as I could tell on my registry they bought me a travel system , which was wrapped beautifully. Something we really needed, too!

They were trying for a surprise, although I kinda knew what was going on since people were spending a lot of time in the large conference room. When I got there, they had decorated the room with balloons and confetti. Here are some pictures of the stuff after I brought them home. (My boss videotaped everything, so I am sure I will have a record of my bright red blushing face...)

Very cute cupcakes with the safari theme kept in mind...they made sure to get enough so Michael and husband would have some...

Michael having a hippo c…

Cthullu Wears Diapers!

We went to the Sibling Class at the hospital today. Michael was the only boy in the class. There were four other girls, ranging in age from 3 years old to 5 years. Michael was also the oldest (no surprise there). He liked the class, especially since he could act as the more "mature" one (oh yeah, he will make a great big brother!)

They first made "welcome cards" to their siblings.

Michael wrote: "You are now zero" and drew a hamburger (I have no idea what is up with the hamburger). Zero refers to the fact that he considers since it will be her birthday (but not being 1 years old yet) that she will be zero years old. He also got a piece of paper that said "Hooray, I am a big brother!" and he is supposed to put one of his favorite photos of himself on it and decorate it.

Then they were taught how to diaper a baby.

Cuddling the "baby". (I was so proud that he brought a monster--and Cthullu no less!)

After also learning to hold a baby, th…

Book Tour - Embryo Culture: Making Babies in the Twenty-First Century by Beth Kohl

Embryo Culture is an interesting book about infertility and the process of IVF through a woman who went through it. It is the first book I have read that has not only the scientific and clinical perspectives outlined into the story, but also the emotional roller-coaster that one feels while dealing with the whole process. While her experience was far different from mine, I enjoyed reading about her journey.

The author describes her journey through infertility both in terms of a faith journey and a process of scientific discovery. How has infertility impacted your faith journey and your views of science/technology?

Being an athiest, I found the religious discussion in the book to be an interesting perspective on the subject. For me personally, I never had a question on the moral or spiritual issues involved in infertility treatments. One of my issues with religion as a whole is that the institutions are often more than willing to tell their flocks what things are forbidden to them b…