Friday, October 26, 2007

Ten More things...Books and Reading Edition

61. I love Dr. Seuss and love "One Fish Two Fish". I am not sure why, but I love it.

62. I love hearing my son read to me. It is such a wonderful feeling, and the thing that surprises me, it actually reminds me of being 8 years old myself. Ah, to discover reading again.

63. I was a part of an internet book club. It kinda died away now, but, I liked getting to explore books I would never have thought of.

64. I tend to gravitate towards non-fiction, although I try to alternate from non-fiction to fiction. The last book I read, "In Cold Blood" (a re-read).

65. We have too many books in our house, not enough book shelves...

66. One of my favorite authors is Charles Dickens. I love "Tale of Two Cities".

67. Another favorite author is Edgar Allen Poe; also Stephen King; Margret Atwood; David Hackett Fisher.

68. Some books on my Amazon wishlist:

What the Dead Know: A Novel by Laura Lippman

The Canon: A Whirligig Tour of the Beautiful Basics of Science
by Natalie Angier

Brothers: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years by David Talbot

The Emperor's Children by Claire Messud

69. I have a pretty big Mad Magazine collection, as well as EC Comics.

70. I love nothing more than to curl up on the couch and read a good book. (esp. during the winter).

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Boo! - Updated with Picture

So, we had a slight scare this morning. Light pink discharge! One rush to ultrasound and OB/GYN later...and everything is okay! Saw Tadpole move, saw the heartbeat. They could find nothing wrong, and as I write this the discharge seems to be gone. SO--geez, can this week get any more scarier?!?

The ONLY good news about this was that I was feeling worried about Tadpole since the whole having a temp and cellulitus stuff and now not only are we reassured Tadpole is doing good, BUT we got a REALLY nice picture of the baby.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Size of an African Country - Updated..

My Friday off was very productive--if one wants to get sick. I got a staph infection (who knew a scratch on the leg could do that). So I spent today at the doctor's and the hospital (baby is fine) AND having the Halloween party.

I have to go to a follow up appointment on Monday morning to make sure the antibiotic is working (They drew a line around the infection in marker--it looks like a country in Africa).

The party itself went without many hitches--husband did great, Uncle Will and his fiance Heather and Uncle John helped out.

All for now...I have to stay off my leg (which hurts like a bit*ch, by the way).


And it continues. At my appointment today, expected my doc to say "yes, its clearing up, look at you, not limping, etc." (which is true, btw). But, instead, she mentioned how she wants to make sure the anti-biotic is okay for the baby, wants to be extra cautious---and I am at home at least until Wednesday. I guess I should be happy she wants to be extra cautious for the baby's sake...however, she actually made me more scared for the baby because of how she said this....

BTW, its officially celluitis (don't click if you are squimish).


Anyhow--I am at home, trying to stay off my leg, and worrying like crazy about Tadpole. (AND the house looks like a hurricane hit--the Halloween party--which DRIVES me crazy as I am a neat freak!!!) Husband is being great--but he is only able to do so much (he generally can't see dirt until it smothers him).

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

20 year old! I wish! - Updated with Pictures

Had my pre-screen ultra-sound for Downs and Trisomy 18/13. The ultra sound combined with the blood test will give you an idea on what your risks for these matters are. As I am 37 (well, almost 38), I felt it necessary to find out, so....

The test results came back the best they could possibly come back. My risk factor (based on my age): Downs - 1 in 140; Trisomy 1 in 247. My risk factor based on the prescreen - Downs - 1 in 2,781; Trisomy - 1 in 4,921. Basically within the range for a 20 year old woman. (So, I guess I have 20 year old ovaries!)

Okay, okay, big "Whew!" for that...but I know what you want---pictures of Tadpole! (But, guess what---you gonna have to wait--I am at work and don't have them with me!) HA!

I did get to see Tadpole bounce around and float, wave its arm and got to see its feet. All very inspiring, especially for someone who is only 3 inches!

The last photo, it looks like Tadpole might be sucking its thumb...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Halloween is a Coming...

Michael in his new costume.
Husband says I should clarify--he is not a Jawa! (He's an "Unknown Phantom")

Today I will be making Dragon Eyeballs (green grapes with raisins into them) -- you freeze them, and then put them in ginger ale and green sherbet mix. Then, Friday I will make a Jello Brain and skeleton head cupcakes. And there is tons of Bubble Wrap in my trunk. YEP, its time for that insanity called the Halloween Party! Next Saturday, I will have ten rambunctious children running around my house, while apples will be soaking in water for bobbing and spooky music will be playing. (Oh, and that broken up-ended pinball game husband was supposed to move out of my living room--still there. Maybe I will decorate it as a coffin??!)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Another Ten Things about me - TV Version

Yep, I am half way through 100 things...

51. I am a MSTie. I love MST 3K. We have a lot of the episodes on tape and DVD.

52. I am NOT into reality t.v. Although I can occassionally watch things like "Colonial House" on PBS. AND I did watch MTV's The Real World when I was in college (my favorite season was with Pedro). Generally though, I find these shows are a waste of brain matter.

53. I don't do American Idol either. Sorry, if I want to laugh at people who are not talented - I can sing in the mirror.

54. I was part of the Million Dollar Man club when I was a kid. Had the stickers, club documents and the Million Dollar man doll to prove it.

55. I LOVE Futurama! AND they are coming out with a new DVD movie!!! SQUEEE!

56. I watch a lot of Cartoon Network Adult Swim (Robot Chicken, Family Guy, Seaquest 2020, Etc). I also like Anime.

57. I like science fiction shows, which should be obvious by now. Right now, Battlestar Galatica is my favorite. I did watch the pilot for Bionic Woman (not sure what I think yet). I liked Heroes last season. Haven't seen it yet this season. (I tend to watch t.v. on a Tivo like schedule). My favorite all time science fiction shows: Babylon 5; Star Trek Old Generation; BSG; Buffy; Angel; Twilight Zone (old ones).

58. I also watch How I Met Your Mother. Because Barney is funny (and Allison Hannigan is in it).

59. If this baby is a girl, it will be named Willow (after Buffy character). (Don't know about boy names yet).

60. My indulgent grazing capabilities have found: The Food Network (which is funny, cuz I am not much of a cook) (!!) and I do like the occassional Dirty Jobs on Discovery Channel.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Got to go Early to the OB!

I had my first initial OB visit scheduled for next Thursday, but they called me last night and said they had a cancellation for TODAY. Sooo...I was so relieved to hear the heartbeat!!! And then I got all the litanies of blood tests, the paperwork, the going over of history, etc. etc. And a pap smear!?! (I don't recall that happening my last pregnancy!) I so like this was a far different experience from the first time. That one, I went to a very big practice, mainly male docs. This is a smaller practice, I did not see one male person IN THE WHOLE OFFICE. (Nothing against men, but -- WOW!). It was so homey and friendly and nice and not like a typical Doc office. I haven't even met the OB yet (who I heard was GREAT by everyone I have talked to)...this was just the initial consult with the N.P. Very happy so far though...and relieved, too.

(Now, can I talk about the BIG jug I have to fill with 24 hours worth of pee?!?!?)

Oh, and I bought my first baby related item (could this actually be happening?)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Free Medications...

I hate having left-overs...half the time I keep things and no one eats them. They get thrown away anyway.

I have left over meds, so before I just throw them away, if anyone needs them, please leave your email in the comments, and I can contact you for your information on where to send. (I will ship them, no cost to you!)

This is what I got:

13 Progesterone Suppositories 100 MG (expires 1/25/08) REFRIG

Repronex 75IU - 5 single use vials (expires 3/29/08)

2 Gonal-F RFF Pens - 900IU/1.5 ml (expires 7/12/08) REFRIG

Leuprolide Acetate Injection (Lupron) - 14 Day Patient Administration Kit (expires 5/3/08)

I'll even include any extra needles I have! (Just ask)

Roll Out

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