Thursday, September 23, 2004

Why I like the Fitness Room at work

I try to get a work out at work about 2-3 times a week. One thing I really like--my bosses put a 30 inch t.v. with Direct T.V. on it (you have to know that one of my bosses is going to be doing the Iron Man Competition in Hawaii in October--so he is a SERIOUS fitness guy). SO, what to my wandering fingers do appear---BUFFY! And last week, the Original Star Trek!!! Makes you really really want to just stay there working out!!

Yesterday, Buffy was the Thanksgiving ("Pangs") one when Angel drops in (in the background). I watched until I got to see him for a bit...YUMMY....

So, I think I will now time my work outs for my shows!

Monday, September 20, 2004

Lord of the Turtles: The Return of the Turtle

My son found the TURTLE! And he was ALIVE! Wow, a week and 1/2, and the Congo is back among us...(he was under a Spongebob inflatable chair, a logical place to be---Spongebob is from the sea after all). And when I came home---one of the chinchilla's cage doors was opened...

luckily, chinchilla's are easier to find.

To learn more: TURTLES

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Friday, September 17, 2004

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Tales of the Lost Turtle

So, I have become a stereotype. I have lost my son's pet turtle. I was cleaning the turtle's cage, I put him somewhere that I thought he couldn't escape from...and he did a Houdini (or is that a Hoffa?). It gets worse. I was cleaning the cage while my son was at his second day of Kindergarten. So, I had to pick him up at the bus stop and tell him. AND he said: "Why didn't you put him in a chest or somewhere he could not escape from?"

Now, granted, a turtle is not as cuddly as our Chinchilla's.

Delenn (one of our chinchillas) Posted by Hello

Or as well loved as my son's dear departed mouse (Snowki).

But, if you see him (he looks something like this)...

WANTED: DEAD (EWW) OR ALIVE (?) Posted by Hello

Let me know.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

First Day of Kindergarten

The rush of it all made me not really think about it as much as react to it.

As he has learned from dad, procrastinating in the morning is an art form. Push push push. And then off to the bus. In the rain. Of course. Bus late.

Bus coming Posted by Hello

And then, rush rush rush to the school to meet the bus. And wait. And wait. And starting to get panicky. Where is the bus? Am I standing in the right place? Okay, calm down...the bus was late and it had more places to go and pick up. BUT WHERE IS IT? School is about to start! Did I miss it? I know he is expecting me to meet his bus...tears for the first and only time this morning of mornings are starting to well up... Oh good...the BUS!

As it pulls up, he sees me and his excitement and happiness to see me there is so wonderfully warm inside me.

Arrival Posted by Hello

And here it is--time to start letting go. Off to the class room..hmm...up to the second floor per instructions---ooops, wrong instructions, as I hold a little girl's lunch for her (a new friend at the bus stop, whose parents have missed her, she comes with us). Down the stairs---Ahh, my friend who's on the PTO! She knows where to go! She helps us to the class room--and helps the little girls fears by bringing her to her classroom.

Now I deposit my one and only, and my heart starts to sing and sink at the same time. Will he remember his snack is in his back pack? Will he listen to his teacher? Will he have fun? Will he learn? Will he fit in? Will he be his own wonderful individual self? Of course.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Hello Ken tuck ee!

Hope all is going well over there in Kentucky, thinking of you and wishing you were at home--even though the past few weeks that has meant that you were in the kitchen working away on a lap top and I was in the living room reading/vegging. I still miss ya!

Many squished bugs await you upon your return!

Monday, September 06, 2004

Kids Stuff

Spent some time playing with instant zoo animals in the tub with my son! Those things are so fascinating in such a simple know the ones, the capsules that you put into water and the plastic melts and then you have a small sponge object in the shape of something...yep, sometimes the most simple things can keep your kid fascinated for hours.

Spongefun! Posted by Hello

One small thing my son got into was Nak Naks. There is a game involved, but as with most small things, he is more into collecting them.

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Right now he is starting to get into "Mighty Beanz" which look like Mexican Jumping Beans (and they act like them too, with magnets providing the movement).

Mighty Beanz Offical Website

Another thing that is always interesting to note is that my husband and I always are finding the "Official Websites" for these toys.

A really cool small toy that my son was into (Okay, being honest, my husband and I were into them more than my son):
Hero Clix

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