Tuesday, August 31, 2004

The Flume and the Fun

On Sunday, I took a trip with my friend and my son to The Flume Gorge in New Hampshire. The last time I had been there, was about 10 years ago with my husband.

The river at the end of the Flume Gorge Posted by Hello

Ten years ago, I did not take pictures (our camera was a disposable one and it was broken).

Now I use a digital camera.

The river and the start of the gorge Posted by Hello

Ten years ago, the 2 mile (mostly up-hill) walk to the Flume seemed so easy.

Now, my calves hurt.

Inside the Flume Posted by Hello

Ten years ago, I thought I was in love in the most profound way and there was no way it could get better.

Now, it is even better...

And I have more people to share that with:

Under a Glacial Boulder Posted by Hello

Friday, August 27, 2004

Wouldn't it be cool to have this?

I put in a bid for 'em, but lost. Posted by Hello

Yep, just the thing for my five year old for Halloween!

Here's a great place to find some cool senseless stuff:


Check out the cube goodies! I got this from there:
Bender from Futurama. Posted by Hello

Thursday, August 26, 2004

14 More Days Until Kindergarten

Ready for Kindergarten! Posted by Hello

Summer seems to have gone REALLY quickly this year (it seems to do that the older I get). Today, my son asked me when he will be starting Kindergarten...and now I realize that its less then 2 weeks away! I should have realized this since I did take him to go clothes shopping for school...I just thought it was "in September". Now September is not so far away. Wow. I am going to take the first two days off, mainly to be around just in case (but really to wallow in the whole "my baby's growing up" thing---and to perhaps get some extra sleep).

He has the pre-requsite Spongebob backpack and Spider Man folder. The dinosaur lunch box and the markers and glue.

And a really nifty pair of shoes.
 Posted by Hello

Buy Bush Out--Virtual Yard Sale and other Political Links

Always been a bit political, but since 2000, I have been a bit more "in touch" with the internet, as I have wanted to figure out what the fuck has been going on with this country. Here are some great sites/blogs to go for that information/political/left leaning junkie:





Buffy Con

See, this is the extent of our Buffy obsession! My son with "Spike" at a Buffy Con last year. Posted by Hello

(and yes, I don't have a lot of recent photos on my hard drive).

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Buffy and other interests...

So, most times I am on the internet, its usually to go to a Buffy board. When I tell people I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I usually get one of two reactions. Either they look at me like I am totally stupid, or they look at you like you are part of a secret society (of which they are a part).

The above picture's is of one of my favorite characters on Buffy--Willow. If I have another child, and if she's a girl, she will be named Willow.

Okay, so other interests that usually get a "hmmm" look: http://www.findadeath.com/

One of my favorite sites. Yep, I am a Death Hag. I love to see gruesomeness. Going on vacation usually has to include some type of cemetary tour or other type of gruesomely historical niche.

So, besides the whole "Buffy/Angel" and death photography things, I am pretty normal...I love comic books, animation, movies, etc. (go see that profile).

I would put up more photos, but Ofoto is down, and I am still trying to figure out where the rest of my photos are on my hard drive!

Going Blog

Just trying this out for a spin, as I have already tried the whole home web page and once my home page was obliterated by a merger (Media One, meet AT&T), I just have not found the time to attempt a whole NOTHER Web Page. And, as I really wanted to just mouth off anyways...figured blogging is probably better! Besides, if I want to really HTML it..it looks like I can. (Although right now, looks like I am being the lazy one). Okay, so the score--I am going to put in some stuff, and "you" being "whoever" may comment. :-)

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