Thursday, August 26, 2004

14 More Days Until Kindergarten

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Summer seems to have gone REALLY quickly this year (it seems to do that the older I get). Today, my son asked me when he will be starting Kindergarten...and now I realize that its less then 2 weeks away! I should have realized this since I did take him to go clothes shopping for school...I just thought it was "in September". Now September is not so far away. Wow. I am going to take the first two days off, mainly to be around just in case (but really to wallow in the whole "my baby's growing up" thing---and to perhaps get some extra sleep).

He has the pre-requsite Spongebob backpack and Spider Man folder. The dinosaur lunch box and the markers and glue.

And a really nifty pair of shoes.
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Charlie Brown said...

It's good to get your children into pirate school early. My parents got me in too late and I was just lost.

P.S. Please chop off his leg so he can have a peg leg. If you won't exploit your child for the entertainment of others, why did you have children? ;)

Delenn said...

Well, we were thinking start out with the eye patch, work into the hook. Peg legs are kinda hard at 5 years old. Perhaps 7?