Monday, June 18, 2018

Mini-Vacation - Connecticut

We needed a break from the norm...Michael wanted to go visit the Peabody Yale Museum again...and, well, Chewy was feeling a tad, a mini-vacation on Father's Day weekend was in order!

We got a nice hotel, we left on Friday late afternoon--and had a wonderful dinner at the Vernon Diner

The weekend was a blend of the old and the new, the remembered and the found...we all got some family togetherness and some alone was a good start to the Summer (including some slight sunburns for dad and mom).

There were very few snits/arguments/getting on nerves/ was mostly a perfectly relaxing, fun weekend! 

Sometimes you just need a good re-charge...and that was our Father's Day weekend 2018.

Vernon Diner - Cakes!

Father's Day Brunch on the Waterfront!

A really great Clam Chowder

Bob Clam Dylan

Nutella Berries Waffles - for me!

Dad's Steak and eggs!

Michael's lobster roll

Yummy desserts!

Yale Peabody Museum


Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Creative Child

Both my children are creative and imaginative, but I have noticed it seems to go in periods of inspiration.

Right now, Willow is in a creative high.  She is very interested in musicals right now (as well as just music in general)...the amount of times she has asked to listen to Hamilton the Musical in the car is the point that she can sing along and also continue the songs when our GPS is interrupting with directions.  We both cannot wait until we see it in September!  Meanwhile, I think it might be time to pull  out some old Rogers and Hammerstein movies...

She has also been writing a lot lately.  She writes journals about how she is feeling, she also writes incredibly intricate and imaginative fictional stories (often with a scary bent--as she is also into listening and reading scary stories).

And...she is drawing.  To the point that she wants a "professional drawing pad" - we can get her a sketch pad at the local crafts store soon...


Wish we could have kept the costume...third costume change for "This is Me"

This doesn't even include the piano and singing she has been doing through her teacher...a recital this past weekend was the highlight (and the exhaustive objective of all the past few days).

There are times she very much reminds me of myself at 10 years old.  But--there are a lot of times...she is just my incredible Willow....

Dad and Michael got her flowers!

Just my Willow!  She begged me to get her this giant sombrero...she is upstairs with it on in her room--drawing on her Kindle...


Monday, June 04, 2018

#MicroblogMonday: The Cats

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So often I want to put something down in the blog, but I find the time suck is enormous lately...which is so weird, considering the fact that I am unemployed currently...


One post I had been thinking about doing is in regards to our cats and their personalities:

Delenn -- the shy one.  She eats her food slowly, unlike the other two cats, who often eat her food before she has finished it.  She doesn't like to be held, but she loves coming up to  you and rubbing herself on you.  She especially loves to have her belly rubbed, and then she does this weird flipping thing, like she is rolling over like a dog.  She is one of the nighttime cuddlers in our bed.

Lennier -- Delenn's brother, he loves picking on her every so often.  He also loves catching mice, and scratching up door jams.  He is the trouble-maker.  He often lays near, but not next to, the other cats.  He also only really likes Michael.  Michael can hold him and cuddle him and rub his one else seems to do for Lennier (or, as Michael nicknamed him--Lenny)

Kif - The old guy.  He is chubby and wise, he is the social one who comes up to everyone and rubs against you and lays on your chest while you pet him.  He also loves the kids, always on one of their beds, always there to be hugged and cuddled (even when he decides that is too much).  He is the ultimate wake up cat and loves to lay on the bed, keeping you from wanting to get up in the morning --unless he wants food...then you best be getting up!



Clean Laundry--yes, I will lay on it!

Delenn and Kif often cuddle up together.

Lennier -- he is too precocious to get caught on camera!


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Past Times

As we deal with new normals, each of us have our new "past times".

After looking for employment, I spend my days running errands and going to scheduled classes for aqua aerobics or boxing.  I am especially enjoying the aqua zumba classes.

Meanwhile, Michael just finished his final exams today.  He doesn't have classes until September now. Giving him a week to relax and then he will be looking for a summer job.  The main focus is on him driving every day and getting ready to take his road test.  He is doing pretty well, but I am a little cautious on whether he will be ready for driving in the fall...

Willow and Michael are older children now, which means that there are times when they disappear in their rooms for hours and you are not sure what they are doing...sometimes it can be very surprising.  Michael often is creating or painting models.  Willow...well...

Willow came downstairs the other day, humming a song that sounded very familiar to me...and she let me know that she was listening to the Hamilton Soundtrack while playing video games on her Kindle.  She said "hey, I am really musical, you know!"  Which is true...she is still doing very well with her piano and singing classes!


Mother's Day was very nice this year, which was wonderful, as before the day both Willow and I were missing my mother.  I hadn't realized that Willow was feeling sad and missing her until it came up in her therapy session.  I was worried that I would be more sad on the day, but it was actually one of the best ones I have had in a it made me happy and thankful for my family.

Willow and Michael have both enjoyed the warmer weather in the hammock.

One of Willow's costumes for her upcoming recital.

With others in her singing group (and their costumes--it was costume fitting day on Saturday)

Saturday--with her best friend Kayla...

Mother's Day breakfast -- Dad's french toast, scrambled eggs by Willow, Cocoa Puffs by Michael

A Card!!

Ice cream after Laser Tag!

Japanese Steakhouse--both kids sat next to me--and Michael Smiled!!  :-)

Wednesday, May 02, 2018


Recently: Not to soon after dad gets up for the day, she crawls into our bed and we cuddle and fall back asleep in the early morning/before getting alarm.  Suddenly, quickly, surprisingly, the feeling strikes me..the feeling of anticipatory loss...she is 10 now.  How many more cuddles are left?  She is my baby, my youngest child...and she is growing up.  I look at her beautiful, sleeping face and lightly resting body as it moves gently up and down as she breathes....and I feel the loss of my baby...and I wonder at the person she is becoming....

Ten. Ten Years Old.  We opened her Time Capsule that we made on her first birthday.  It was strange to see pictures of her and see the cards sent by people to celebrate her 1st birthday.  I had all my blog posts printed regarding the IVF (she sailed past those papers to look at the bibs that I had saved from her first Christmas and Hanukkah).  

Willow at Ten...she is an interesting array of complexities.  She likes to be alone, she is silly and wants to be part of the group; she likes horror movies, yet doesn't always like to be scared.  She loves to read--but spends a bit too much time on her Kindle playing video games.  She loves being outside and running around; but sometimes she just wants to veg out and not get out of her pajamas all day.  She is very smart, but can sometimes ask the most naive questions.  She can play the piano and sing, but hates to practice.  She wants to be a doctor, but seems to shy away from science and math.  She likes drawing; hates coloring.  She is definitely NOT a morning person.  She LOVES chocolate.  

She is so much more than anything I can write here.  She is always surprising me with some new trait.

Ten years....seems so long ago and yet so quick. I cannot imagine my life without her.  

I cannot believe my luck to have such a wonderful human to watch grow.

BBQ for Birthday Dinner!

Mini-Vacation - Connecticut

We needed a break from the norm...Michael wanted to go visit the Peabody Yale Museum again...and, well, Chewy was feeling a tad overwhelmed...