Sunday, August 15, 2021

Once Again - Cape Cod Vacation is over...

It was a bit unusual this time...a bit colored from Covid still (a lot of places I would have liked to visit were still closed from Covid)..and having two children older than 12 years old makes a difference.

We had a lot of fun, and I think every day we spent it to the fullest (except maybe the first day, but that was partially because it was doing this....)

It was relaxing, it was was over too soon.  Gaaah.

And now we hit the end of the summer...and back to working full time in the office...and school for both kids looming....

We needed this vacation and we used it well...but now we have to get back to reality and I have a lot of anxiety right now about everything.

So...I guess...lets live in the moments that give us pleasure and confidence whenever we can.

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Unexpected Fun

We were not sure what to do yesterday. We just wanted to make sure we enjoyed the weather, this Saturday that was finally not rainy or heat wavy.

We had decided on a butterfly sanctuary. Willow randomly informed us that she hates butterflies... apparently..  We were half-heartedly getting ready to go when I got a text from one of my best friends.  "Do you have any plans today?" "Do you wanna come to my house and hang out at my pool?"

Off we went on an impromptu day of fun and friendship.  I got to play in a pool with my kids.  I got to see and hear my kids happy, laughing and smiling.  I got to talk and spend time with everyone I love.  Later, we went to a socially distanced movie and dinner theater.  

It was wonderful and so much fun.  I am so glad I had a friend who thought of us.  And that we dropped everything to seize the day.

Been a long time since I have seen Michael in a pool...he had a lot of fun!

Ana and me.

Saturday, July 10, 2021

July already---

June seemed to go by faster than ever and I find myself wondering how come it is already summer and July 4th already gone too.

I was a bit melancholy today.  Thinking about summers as a kid, thinking about people I miss, thinking about Grammie a lot today...

Michael went to see his friend Dylan today.  First in-person visit since the pandemic.  It went well, but it also felt weird that Michael wasn't just "on a drive" or "walking" that he was gone.  Which is weird in of itself, as it was just for 6 hours---but that has been the nature of thinks during this family has mostly been at home, if not out together.  So---it was just a bit weird.

And Willow stayed mostly in her room, it was just...a bit lonely.  Although I did have Lennier cuddling up with me on the couch a few times.  And Chewy was here--it just was quiet...too quiets.

Even "normal" stuff is not quite normal yet.  We went to Canobie Lake Park...but with Willow's leg and with the weather and wariness over was fun, but not FUN....

We had a subdued Birthday for Chewy--Willow made him a cake and we had pick up bbq delivery.

My melancholy ended today with a high note (literally)---going out for a drive with Willow, playing music that we both love!

Meanwhile--Picture Dump:

New Haircut!

Birthday Fluff (Note the HB for Happy Birthday)

Michael going on Zero G ride at Canobie.

He definitely had the most fun--rode the most rides, etc. 

Contemplating her next move.  Used a wheelchair so she did not have to walk on crutches.


Cotton Candy!

John playing skee ball.

Michael's prize.

Chewy asked me to take this picture of him on his Birthday.

Lucifer eating a carrot.

Birthday morning.  With cats.


Luci for short.

I bathed a Guinea Pig!

No More Braces for Willow!

The Piggies - Lucifer and Knight

New additions to the household...