Monday, June 26, 2017

#MicroblogMonday - Summer Stress

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It is official.  One child is Graduated and has a three week break from reality before he starts a summer employment workshop/internship...and the other one--is done with Third Grade and is now at Summer Camp...the strange summer season has begun!

While I find the school year can be its own mess of stress and strain---I find that summers are actually a bit more stressful as a parent.  Sure, there are vacations and fun things to do during summer...but the days/weeks when we are not on vacation...well, those have their whole different level of stress!

Does she have her swim shoes, swimsuit, towel, sun screen, lunch packed (not refrigerator or microwavable and nut-free)?  Traveling to and fro to the various camps that are not necessarily close by (like her school) makes getting to work on-time a fun guessing game...  Another guessing game is which field trip is she going on this week and does she have the official shirt of the camp on while doing it?  Does she need additional money for the trip?  Is she trying to escape the summer camp because she is bored and wants to just go home (based on a True Story from a previous summer)?   Oh, and even though we pay a good amount of money--camp ends at 3 p.m., but you don't get out of work until 5:30 p.m.  -- pay an extra "extended care" fee and get there by 5:45 p.m. on the dot!!)



Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Graduation Part 2

Took off work today to go to the moving up/Graduation ceremony at Michael's school.  Interesting case of perspective:

My husband and I found this ceremony was less superficial and more genuine and moving than the big High School ceremony.  The speakers were better, there seemed to be actual feeling and less pretension.

Michael...liked the big High School ceremony more...found this smaller one pretentious and self serving. 

Guess it is all a matter of where you are on your journey in life, the experiences of being a high schooler versus a parent.

Meanwhile, I did get some idea about why no smiling in pictures...because he feels posing is fake and he seems to think only a genuine smile  (captured unawares or when he is truly doing something worth smiling about) are the only true smiles...

So.  There you have it.  The Graduation Part 2 was moving, superficial, self serving, fun, meaningful, annoying, better (Or worse) than the first one....

He has had two ceremonies...has two caps and gowns....and a proclamation from the Mayor (!)  


Monday, June 05, 2017

#MicroBlog Monday - Graduating

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Yesterday, Michael Graduated from High School.  I cannot believe it even though I was there.  I was there when he was born, I was there when he started Kindergarten.  I was there when he was diagnosed with ADHD/Anxiety Disorder.  I was there in middle school when he was diagnosed as having High Functioning Aspergers...I was there and my heart hurt when he crashed and burned his Freshman year of High School...when I realized that our son was not only a little quirky, but needed more help then the public school could provide.  I was there when he finally started to gain his footholds into adulthood.  I was there at the IEP meeting when the out-placement school was astounded at the progress he has made.  

I still cannot believe he is 18 years old and in 7 days, no longer a High School student.  

But.  It happened.  

But, the most important thing that happened this weekend...I was able to capture a smile on this child of mine...who seldom lets himself be so unguarded (especially near cameras):

Perhaps he will start showing this side of him more often, as he grows into himself.


Meanwhile....there's this to look forward to....

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