Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Amicable Departures

Today I had lunch with my former employers. They had laid me off in June with the hopes of having me come back in September.

I left the house at the same moment that our dear friend who was visiting was being shuttled by Chewy and Michael to the airport.

Everyone in the household already misses him and he has just been gone for a few hours...

Meanwhile, I met up with my bosses and had Thai food. We smiled and greeted each other and caught up with each other.

They praised my work and told me how much they missed me. (How they would like me back)

We ordered food while they told me how their business is picking up and things are looking cautiously better.

Before the food came, they asked me how I felt about coming back and where I was.

I had my proposal ready and I gently told them my issues and how I thought we could work through them. We paused while we ate.

And. In the end, they are doing better, but not enough to be able to accommodate my financial needs to work for them.

We left the restaurant hoping that perhaps I can work on a project or two for them...before I move on.

We shook hands and departed.

Sometimes all you can say is good-bye.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Not Here Yet...Updated

Hurricane Irene is not here yet, but already the storm and its possible consequences are causing changes of plans, etc.

Yesterday, we went in to Boston with our visiting friend and went to the Constitution. Well, we actually went to the Naval Yard to see the Constitution--but found out that it was closed to tours because of the preparations it was undergoing because of the Hurricane. So, we toured the Destroyer that was next to it. The weather was warm, the sun was out, sky clear.* We had a great time, and afterwards went into China Town and had great Dim Sum.

Later we went for ice cream near our house and I stocked up on a few items at the store. Going through the grocery store I could see places where things should have been--but where they had been sold out--like flashlights and batteries.

Getting home we had a message on our machine from the town asking everyone to clean up their property of anything loose like lawn chairs, garbage cans, etc.

So...after living over 15 years in New England...this is the first time I have had to make any sort of Hurricane preparations.

Today we are going to enjoy ourselves and go to a friends tonight for dinner and gaming (after a nice session of gaming last night until 2 a.m.). And then, Sunday--I guess we shall hunker down at home and hope we don't loose power. :-)

To all my friends on the East Coast--be safe!

*Seems amazing that I could be worrying about sunburn one day, and just a couple days later I am worrying about wind, rain and cold.


Well, we hunkered down with our friend Tom and watched "Big Trouble in Little China" and played Zombie Munchkin. And the wind blew and some small limbs fell....and then nothing else. (Well, part of our behind us neighbor's fence fell on our kitchen window screen like it did this winter--so a slight tear in our screen)

So, after waiting to see if anything else would happen--we went bowling in the evening and it was like any other rainy/stormy day.

I consider us very lucky and I am grateful that our power did not go out (no flickers even).

For all those affected far worse--I wish you the best and speedy recovery!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Conversations on a Stroll

Went on a little walk today at the local pond/nature trail. As we walked, Willow had her new sunglasses on upside down (her favorite way to wear them). She insisted on bringing a toy stroller with a barbie, a Rio figure and an injured flying dinosaur (he has only one wing now). As usual, she stopped every so often to pick a flower or a rock (or a mangled leaf or a squashed pine cone) and put them into her stroller.

She ran ahead of me several times and then said she was "tired" and needed to sit on the benches surrounding the pond.

At one point we were admiring the flowers near the pond and she got a little too close. I caught her before she fell in.

"You saved my life!!" she gladly said and she seemed the most thankful for the help.

We then said "Hi...hello!" to several people fishing. She got to see some fish being caught (perch) and was impressed with their haul.

We then met some people with puppy dogs. One of which "licked me, he is so CUUUTE!!"

We talked about the various flowers and their colors and then we walked back to where the car was. (Me carrying the small toy stroller)

At the resturant for lunch she lets a group of elderly citizens know that she needs to "pee! where are the pottys?"

And as we finish our lunch, she sincerely looks at me and goes:

"You know what, mommy? I really miss daddy and Michael!"

And now as I type this she hugs my leg and says "Mommy, I love you!"

As I looked on my cellphone to get this picture...I realized I had this picture from exactly three years ago today...

Wow...time has gone by so fast!


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summers End...

It is evident everywhere, in the slight chill in the air. Even the rain that has occasionally invaded our days--it doesn't smell that summer rain smell. And the endless reminders of school coming soon...

But we are still enjoying summer. We went to one of our favorite places today. We walked around and found hoof prints in the mud and we picked flowers. We had ice cream and saw farm animals. We toured the farm (very cool new "smart barn") and saw cows and calves, one of which licked our hands with her tongue.

And then later on today, we went to the store and got some new pants for Michael for school. [sigh]

Time is inevitably moving forward. But we are trying to get in those last days of summer while we can.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Photos from the Wizards & Warriors Camp

My Zombie on the spot captured some pictures of the event (some thirty in all, I am just posting some highlights). One of the things I love--any pictures of Michael, he is smiling a big wide smile!

Sirens singing out of the water.

Michael's costume.

The Eight foot Orge is behind you!

Cyclops singers (they sang Journey)


Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Day as a Zombie: Guest Post*

"Zombies need good lumbar support" - Michael's Dad*

Before any specific descriptions of my time as the living dead, I just want to say Wizards and Warriors camp is staffed by the most amazing people. They were the least cynical and the least self conscious people I have ever seen deal with kids. I *hate* the idea of camp, but I would walk over a pile of fresh delicious bodies without stopping for even a snack if could have done this as child.

Let me just give some highlights:

1-Serenaded by sirens at the lake in moon lights, the sirens were played by young women who vanished under the water and into an underwater air pocket when done.

2-Cyclops who sang

3-An Ogre who was on stilts and stood over 8 feet, playing with the kids.

And so much more!

The bottom line is it was a camp run by some adults and teens who really, really, really work hard to make a magic fun world for kids that is for the most part all home made creations.

I am just so used to people half-assing their way through life terrified of standing out in the slightest that this was wonderful.

Remember that Simpsons where Lisa goes to Art camp and doesnt want to leave?

Yeah, this was that for nerds.

More later..

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Car Conversations...

On the drive home from Camp/Daycare...

Michael: (seeing an elderly couple slowly making their way down the street) Oh, look at those old people! Ugh! I don't ever want to get that old. I want to die young!

Me: (surprised) Um, no hon, I don't think you would want that. I know that I don't want that!

Michael: Well, maybe not. But getting old looks like its no fun.

Me: (trying to be rational) Well, getting old is not only a part of life, but it can be fun. It will be so nice to see you and Willow grow up, go and do fun things in your life, fall in love, maybe have kids...

Michael: Yeah, dad said that with all the medical technology around, Willow should live until the 22nd century!

Me: (now tearing up) Yeah, sure!

Michael: And you don't want me to die before you do, right?!

Me: (definitely sobbing underneath) No, of course not. And you won't. I get to die first.

(And then the discussion veers onto scientific abstracts about how our cells are always dying, etc.)

(Meanwhile we find "Willow Street" so she can see "her" street)


Sunday, August 07, 2011

Obsessions Continue...

Still going strong on Plants vs. Zombies...

Michael and I are on level 6; Chewy is behind us, but is catching up.


Thursday, August 04, 2011

Re-living My Toon Life...

I am partial to Bugs and Daffy; Michael is partial to Sylvester and Porky Pig; Willow loves Road Runner...although, she states that like her mother, when she grows up she will not like them as much.

We all sit down and watch the new Looney Tunes cartoon. It is quite good...

And then we get out the new DVDs I got of the greatest hits--and Michael has to change the dvds three times...because Willow wants a Road Runner Cartoon, Michael wants to share with me his newest "discovery" of a Porky and Sylvester outing...and of course, I need my Bugs and Daffy fix.

We all sit on the couch, snuggled up, watching Daffy try to convince Elmer that it is Rabbit Season.

And I am happy to share one of my favorite cartoon pleasures.


Wednesday, August 03, 2011

At the Mall, Part 2

Yesterday Willow and I went out for ice cream. Just me and my daughter. It was in an outdoor mall nearby...I just wanted a change from the playgrounds and play areas we have been frequenting this summer. (Full Disclosure--I am not a big fan of playgrounds--I prefer going on a nice nature trail or hike--but I understand the need for playgrounds and especially understand Willow's fascination with them)

It was a great day for just walking around, eating our (expensive) ice cream. The breeze was cool, although the dark clouds were starting to come in and I knew soon we would have to go inside.

Walking in an outdoor mall reminds me of times walking downtown with my Grammie. As we sit in a gazebo and she finishes her cone bowl of ice cream (licking the remaining remenants of ice cream out like a dog, thus getting chocolate dipped ice cream cone chocolate on her face and a rainbow sprinkle--jimmies here in NE--up her nose), I think how the roles are reversed. I used to be the little girl with her grown up watching and waiting with the napkins.

After the ice cream is finally gone (and a quick spit laden napkin cleaning up) we walk around the mall.

While we sit on another bench, she tells me that she is a superhero (Super.Girl in fact) and that she battles bad guys. (I did not know this!) Also Coco is mentioned. And then...she says plainly:

"Momma, do you want to go into this shop?"

And we go clothes shopping. She wheedles a dress out of me (she is wearing it to preschool today); I find a couple bargains for the fall. She plays with the toys the children's clothing store has cleverly set up.

We leave and she immediately wants to try on the dress. A quick change and we walk around a bit more. I hear some music pumped out on a nearby speaker. And she decides we should dance as the rain starts to fall.

We run to the car and I realize that our first mother/daughter mall trip is over.


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