Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Day as a Zombie: Guest Post*

"Zombies need good lumbar support" - Michael's Dad*

Before any specific descriptions of my time as the living dead, I just want to say Wizards and Warriors camp is staffed by the most amazing people. They were the least cynical and the least self conscious people I have ever seen deal with kids. I *hate* the idea of camp, but I would walk over a pile of fresh delicious bodies without stopping for even a snack if could have done this as child.

Let me just give some highlights:

1-Serenaded by sirens at the lake in moon lights, the sirens were played by young women who vanished under the water and into an underwater air pocket when done.

2-Cyclops who sang

3-An Ogre who was on stilts and stood over 8 feet, playing with the kids.

And so much more!

The bottom line is it was a camp run by some adults and teens who really, really, really work hard to make a magic fun world for kids that is for the most part all home made creations.

I am just so used to people half-assing their way through life terrified of standing out in the slightest that this was wonderful.

Remember that Simpsons where Lisa goes to Art camp and doesnt want to leave?

Yeah, this was that for nerds.

More later..

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Kristin said...

Can you adopt me and let me go to camp too?