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Insomnia Musings

I am up.  Can't seem to get my mind to quiet down.  Chewy is snoring...Willow is lying on the couch downstairs (She fell asleep there earlier and we did not bring her up this time).

Too many things trouble me tonight.  Some major, some minor.  I need to sleep better.  I have not been going to bed early enough.  And now I have gotten caught alone.  With my thoughts and my worries.   I suppose it is a good thing in a way.  One tends to drown out....I tend to drown out the various things gnawing at me.  Facing those worries....coming up with plans to change them to useful parts of my life... should probably not do this at 1:30  in the morning...

Got Michael to show off his cap and gown tonight.  Also downloaded Snapchat  (mainly for Willows amusement).  Well, here are some results.....

Status of Things

Willow's recital went very well on Saturday.  She played piano, made very minor mistakes.  Her singing group was cute and only a little off key.  She was a was wonderful to see how she can have stage presence if she thinks no one is really watching.  Her progress report from her teacher says she is is her confidence (and in singing, her lack of wanting to keep on key...) that is the thing she needs help with. 
The highlight of her recital, to me, was an unexpected change.  Her little singing group were back up for another vocalist.  Part of their part of to portray waves and fish swimming.  Originally, Willow was supposed to be a wave.  But, just before the performance, the teacher changed her to be the fish...and she was in her element.  Here is the video.
Tomorrow, Michael is going to get his cap and gown at his old high school.  They are also going to have a quick rehearsal.  One week from this Sunday...he is Graduating.
And then going to school until June 1…

Thoughts on Mother's Day....

Recently, online, I saw an article about some parents getting upset because a school had sent out a notice that kids would not be making "Mother's Day or Father's Day" gifts.  The reasons the school made were legitimate concerns about inclusion--and a more immediate need concerning one of their students having a tragedy in the family occur recently.  (Here is an article about this)

Regarding that specific issue above, I feel that the parents who are upset need to chill out.  The schools are not there to make the kids do crafts for your gifts.  They are there to learn.  If they happen to make you a Mothers/Fathers Day gift--great, but one should not expect it...and one should take that the school is trying to teach a more important lesson about people in general and about having empathy and understanding about various cultures and families, etc.


Then, it got me thinking about Mother's Day in general and my own experiences with the holida…

Weekend - whoosh --

That was a quick weekend!

Michael had a driving lesson, Willow is prepping for her recital on 20th.  She is going to be playing piano and then being part of a singing group.
Then there was shopping and laundry and carpet cleaning...
Luckily, we also got to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2!  oh, and Free Comic Book day!
Not a lot of family hanging out time...a lot of running around time instead!  
Oh, and we sort of watched one of my favorite movies together ("Auntie Mame" me some Rosalind Russell).  (We sort of watched it together--I watched it, Chewy was in the room and sometimes watched it...Willow sort of watched, especially when I said to watch a scene with me...and we watched the end all together at dinner...) ------------------------------
Willow seems to be into doing selfies...