Monday, May 08, 2017

Weekend - whoosh --

That was a quick weekend!

Michael had a driving lesson, Willow is prepping for her recital on 20th.  She is going to be playing piano and then being part of a singing group.

Then there was shopping and laundry and carpet cleaning...

Luckily, we also got to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2!  oh, and Free Comic Book day!

Not a lot of family hanging out time...a lot of running around time instead!  

Oh, and we sort of watched one of my favorite movies together ("Auntie Mame" me some Rosalind Russell).  (We sort of watched it together--I watched it, Chewy was in the room and sometimes watched it...Willow sort of watched, especially when I said to watch a scene with me...and we watched the end all together at dinner...)

Willow seems to be into doing selfies...

This weekend.  Just being silly.



Lori Shandle-Fox said...

Yeah but it's amazing how much family hangin' around time (talking in the car or talking about Auntie Mame--love that movie too), you can still get when you're not actually just hangin' around-- isn't it? Nice post!

Journeywoman said...

I like the musical Mame. Not the movie but the play.

Life is a banquet my dear, and it looks like you have a full plate.

Lollipop Goldstein said...

Very cute pictures! We missed Free Comic Book Day. Which is okay because there is also 364 days a year of paid comic book days. But... you know. It's still a nice excuse to go to the store and get a free comic to boot.