Friday, December 03, 2010

Willow and Claus

Willow has taken to Santa Claus this year. She has realized who he is, what he looks like and I think she is understanding that he is going to be bringing toys. She alternates calling him Santa Claus and the "Ho Ho Man". Her daycare provider took her to the Enchanted Village on Thursday and I think she is indeed enchanted with Santa Claus now. To the point of it being a bit protective.

Case in point--tonight. Tonight we decided to watch "Elf". I thought it was something we could all watch. However, I did not expect the reaction at the "false Santa" scene--Willow became upset and said she was scared. Because "Santa" was being attacked! We turned the movie off (we will try to watch it sometime this weekend, since we have passed the "offensive" scene)...interestingly enough, later on tonight, she wanted to watch her new cartoon passion--old Warner Brothers cartoons!

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Kristin said...

Kids are so funny with what they latch onto.