Thursday, December 30, 2010

Time with Him

Holidays and vacation time. Rushing around and then resting and hanging out. Time to watch as he pours over his presents. Some disappointment--not over lacking, but the recognizable feelings of being older and not a small child anymore. Watching him interact with his sister and enjoy her child-like innocence while he is slowly losing his.

And then this week, I spend time with him and only him. We play board games (chess--he is quite good--although I am also quite bad) he knows some moves. Some talk about his signing up for chess/checkers at school--maybe next time? Today, the science museum. Just me and him. It is really relaxing and fun to see which exhibits he goes to and sparks his interest. Afterwards, a sit down restaurant. Sometimes he is too quiet and I have no idea what is going on in his mind. At the restaurant, it is one of those times--but in the end, I really just am happy to be spending time with him and to see how mature he is becoming.

(and then he gets into a talkative mood--about Superhero Squad...and I remember that he is still a child at least for a now)


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