Perfect Moment Monday - Practicing

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Practicing for Holiday Concert...

Yesterday morning, practicing...pretty good since he just started last year and barely practices!


The moment is all of it and more...he was playing perfectly before I got the video camera. Then he was nervous. The first take--squeak! This was the second take. Meanwhile, she sees something happening--so she joins in singing away!

Later, he plays for his grandmother on Skype. The look on his eyes of pride are perfect, as is her appreciation of his playing.


Kristin said…
What a sweet moment.
Lavender Luz said…
Oh, I secretly hope I have musical children, too. He's got talent!
He is fantastic!
JJ said…
Wow!! He's great!
That is so sweet. He's a natural!!!
serenity said…
This is a great video. I wish I had one of me when I was that age. Pretty darn good, too!


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