Friday, December 10, 2010

Sleep. It's not for 2 1/2 year olds...UPDATED

Or at least not mine right now. Since the cursed (oh I used to love you, really I did)Day Light Savings switch over...sleep patterns all over the place are screwy.

Maybe its the holidays. Maybe its the change in weather. Maybe she's in a growth spurt...but Willow has not gone to bed the last week and a half before 10 p.m. (Oh, last night when I was by myself--it was 10:30).

And we have tried all the tricks we know of. But. She just will not go to bed. She will procrastinate. (I myself am a sucker for "just one more book, mommy") She will cry and whine. She will ask to go sleep in her brother's bed. (which used to work in those desperate times of just last week...but not so much this week)

Last night, I found myself putting her on her bed, kinda just throwing her covers on her legs and slamming her door. (Yep, I said it, not proud of it...but it was 10:00 p.m. and I was tired.)

I let her cry it out for 15 mins. I opened the door to her kneeling near the door, crying...and asking me why I closed her door (yep, that got me feeling pretty much like a heel). But the crying out helped to exhaust her, and I did talk to her about why I closed the door--that it was WAAAY past her bed time and not time to play, time to sleep. And I rocked her until those little short gasps of crying breaths were gone, told her that she needed to sleep now, told her I loved her. Tucked her in good, kissed her...she said I love you too.

And finally went to sleep.

I think this weekend we need to concentrate on this problem a bit more...we are EXHAUSTED, even if she isn't!


Maybe I should read one of these books to her...


Kristin said...

I'm sorry bedtime has been so fricking rough. And, I love those books.

Somewhat Ordinary said...

I feel your pain and wonder if it is the age. Mason has never had sleep issues. Normal stuff like illness disrupted it a bit from time to time, but since he was born he has been a champion sleeper. Since the time change it has been rediculous (at least by his former standard). I also think he reached a lot of milestone (no more pacifier, big boy bed, potty training) really close together. I'm hoping it starts to get better. I hope it starts to get better for you guys soon!