Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Another Ten Things about me - TV Version

Yep, I am half way through 100 things...

51. I am a MSTie. I love MST 3K. We have a lot of the episodes on tape and DVD.

52. I am NOT into reality t.v. Although I can occassionally watch things like "Colonial House" on PBS. AND I did watch MTV's The Real World when I was in college (my favorite season was with Pedro). Generally though, I find these shows are a waste of brain matter.

53. I don't do American Idol either. Sorry, if I want to laugh at people who are not talented - I can sing in the mirror.

54. I was part of the Million Dollar Man club when I was a kid. Had the stickers, club documents and the Million Dollar man doll to prove it.

55. I LOVE Futurama! AND they are coming out with a new DVD movie!!! SQUEEE!

56. I watch a lot of Cartoon Network Adult Swim (Robot Chicken, Family Guy, Seaquest 2020, Etc). I also like Anime.

57. I like science fiction shows, which should be obvious by now. Right now, Battlestar Galatica is my favorite. I did watch the pilot for Bionic Woman (not sure what I think yet). I liked Heroes last season. Haven't seen it yet this season. (I tend to watch t.v. on a Tivo like schedule). My favorite all time science fiction shows: Babylon 5; Star Trek Old Generation; BSG; Buffy; Angel; Twilight Zone (old ones).

58. I also watch How I Met Your Mother. Because Barney is funny (and Allison Hannigan is in it).

59. If this baby is a girl, it will be named Willow (after Buffy character). (Don't know about boy names yet).

60. My indulgent grazing capabilities have found: The Food Network (which is funny, cuz I am not much of a cook) (!!) and I do like the occassional Dirty Jobs on Discovery Channel.

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Baby Deux? said...

I LOVE How I Met Your Mother!

Wait for it.... :o)

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