Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Free Medications...

I hate having left-overs...half the time I keep things and no one eats them. They get thrown away anyway.

I have left over meds, so before I just throw them away, if anyone needs them, please leave your email in the comments, and I can contact you for your information on where to send. (I will ship them, no cost to you!)

This is what I got:

13 Progesterone Suppositories 100 MG (expires 1/25/08) REFRIG

Repronex 75IU - 5 single use vials (expires 3/29/08)

2 Gonal-F RFF Pens - 900IU/1.5 ml (expires 7/12/08) REFRIG

Leuprolide Acetate Injection (Lupron) - 14 Day Patient Administration Kit (expires 5/3/08)

I'll even include any extra needles I have! (Just ask)

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Waiting Amy said...

Hi, sorry that I'm new. I feel a little strange responding to your post. I came over from JJ's blog.

Anyway, I'm SIF too, but the issues seem more my own. I'm planning to do my last try at IVF in late Nov/early Dec. My Dr. plans a microflare lupron protocol, and in the past we use 2 Gonal-F Pens, along with Repronex or Menopur. So those would potentially be a huge help to me.

Well, if you'd like to talk about it more, email me at: waitingamy at gmail dot com

And I'm so sorry about the loss of your sweet chinchilla. It is always hard to lose a beloved pet, even when they have had a good long life. AND of course congrats you you recent success and exciting future!

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