Thursday, October 04, 2007

Got to go Early to the OB!

I had my first initial OB visit scheduled for next Thursday, but they called me last night and said they had a cancellation for TODAY. Sooo...I was so relieved to hear the heartbeat!!! And then I got all the litanies of blood tests, the paperwork, the going over of history, etc. etc. And a pap smear!?! (I don't recall that happening my last pregnancy!) I so like this was a far different experience from the first time. That one, I went to a very big practice, mainly male docs. This is a smaller practice, I did not see one male person IN THE WHOLE OFFICE. (Nothing against men, but -- WOW!). It was so homey and friendly and nice and not like a typical Doc office. I haven't even met the OB yet (who I heard was GREAT by everyone I have talked to)...this was just the initial consult with the N.P. Very happy so far though...and relieved, too.

(Now, can I talk about the BIG jug I have to fill with 24 hours worth of pee?!?!?)

Oh, and I bought my first baby related item (could this actually be happening?)


Valerie said...

I love it! Yeah on getting in early and loving the place. That really makes a huge difference.

Cibele said...

SO CUTE!!! loved it. I haven’t had the courage to buy anything yet, just a baby book.
I am so glad you got to hear the heartbeat again. I went o my second Ob visit and heard too, Wednesday I had a little scare and had to go for a scan. Thank God baby was there with a strong heartbeat...

chicklet said...

First item, woohoo!