Saturday, March 08, 2008

Cthullu Wears Diapers!

We went to the Sibling Class at the hospital today. Michael was the only boy in the class. There were four other girls, ranging in age from 3 years old to 5 years. Michael was also the oldest (no surprise there). He liked the class, especially since he could act as the more "mature" one (oh yeah, he will make a great big brother!)

They first made "welcome cards" to their siblings.

Michael wrote: "You are now zero" and drew a hamburger (I have no idea what is up with the hamburger). Zero refers to the fact that he considers since it will be her birthday (but not being 1 years old yet) that she will be zero years old. He also got a piece of paper that said "Hooray, I am a big brother!" and he is supposed to put one of his favorite photos of himself on it and decorate it.

Then they were taught how to diaper a baby.

Cuddling the "baby". (I was so proud that he brought a monster--and Cthullu no less!)

After also learning to hold a baby, the class went to the nursery and was able to see a newborn baby. Then the instructor took pictures of "your family now"--kinda creepy photo (we both had just got up and went,had no breakfast yet, etc. and Michael wanted to be silly), but oh well...we CAN be creepy--we have a MONSTER in diapers, for gosh sakes!:

During the class, we also read books about being a sibling. And I showed Michael how to burp a baby. It was kinda hard, cuz Cthullu has spikes on his back (!)

All day Michael has been singing "Cthullu is wearing a diaper" and he went to sleep tonight cuddling up with Cthullu still in the diaper.


Valerie said...

Aww he looks so cute in his diaper. LOL We are going to sibling class next Sunday. They did not tell us to bring a doll, hmm wonder if I should sneak one in just in case. Can you believe Willow will be here soon?

Kate said...

That is so cute - and I love the hamburger!

Cibele said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun! I loved the hamburger as well!

Neenie/PawsNY said...

omggg that is so sweet! He seems so excited and i can't blame him...the time is getting SO CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!! I love the lil hamburger and the 'you are now zero'! Kids are so innocent and sweet man...and how cute that he snuggled with Cthullu!! he better remember to do that with his new baby sister :)

JJ said...

Lovely family picture=)