Thursday, November 18, 2010

Playing with Toddler

Scenes from last evening:

She climbs upon my shoulder and wants me to walk her around being "Tall"

Willow crawls upon the floor with me, approaching me, panting and barking. The little dog comes up to me and licks my face. And then she leaves and comes back and makes a small noise that takes me a while to realize--she is roaring and she is a fierce (?) lion. Then a pig, a cat...and another unrecognizable noise--oh, she's a turkey!

I check on how Michael is doing with his homework in his room. She follows. And discovers some of his toys. Specifically, a Spider-Man doll. She plays with it and she trys to find the little Spider-Man doll that she had in her toys--its the Baby Spider-Man.

Then, we sing "Happy Birthday" to someone (I don't know who) and eat "cake" made of building blocks.

Finally, after running around in the kitchen to no music...time for books.

And bed.

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